Tuesday, April 5, 2022

2022 First Quarter Life Update

Highs : 

  • We spent almost a week in Denver visiting my in-laws in January. It was so nice to spend a week just relaxing and enjoying their company. I think I read 4 books while we were there! 
  • We're moving! We had been casually talking about moving closer to my husband's office and thought we'd make the move later this year. But after visiting a couple of new build communities to just see what was out there we ended up putting a bid in on a home and it was accepted! We're scheduled to close in about a month. 

Lows : 

  • One of my favorite co-workers accepted a new job. I'm really excited for her because this is a great opportunity, but I'm obviously (very selfishly) bummed she is gone. 
  • I have been terrible about going to the gym this year. I think I've gone less than 5 times in the last two months. I try to remind myself that a lot of times I skipped the gym for a long walk with the pup to take advantage of the nice weather, but I'm still a little down on myself because I was doing so well at the end of last year. 

Books Read : 26 
  • Song - I'm still obsessed with the whole Red Taylor's Version album. Better Man is the most perfectly tragic song and I don't know why it doesn't get more hype 
  • TV - Below Deck! So far this year we've had a season in the Caribbean and have started a Medertaraniln Sailing Yacht season 
  • Social Media - I am still loving TikTok and have especially been loving the account @thefeastinfabfour.  It is 4 high school girls who share what they're eating for lunch each day. I have no idea why it is so interesting, but it is

Monday, January 17, 2022

2022 Goals

Happy 2022! Today I thought it was about time to share my 2022 resolutions! Before I do that though I want to quickly talk about 2021. Last year got off to a rough start when my husband and I both tested positive for covid and then Dallas had a crazy freak freeze. I spent the first two months thinking 2021 was going to be a big repeat of 2020. But then we turned to March and things started to look up. I, along with all my immediate family, were able to get vaccinated. I continued leaning into my love of reading for fun and read 70 books and discovered a renewed interest in learning French via duolingo. I received a promotion and raise; we held our first in person event since March 2020. My husband was offered a great new job. And we finished the year visiting my family including my new niece! 

I say all that because I think when you look at the year as a whole it was a really good year. Sure it started off less than ideal but in the end it was more good than bad. And in 2022 that's really all I'm hoping for; more good than bad. 

And now onto my 2022 goals! 

Reading - Read 50 books including any book that has been on my TBR list since 2017 or earlier. My "want to read" list on Goodreads currently has almost 300 books on it. I've decided this is the year I want to make a serious dent in it and at least get rid of books that I no longer have an interest in reading. 

Professional - Pass three more classes towards my certification. I took the first four classes in 2021 so if I take three more that will leave me with only two to complete the program. Earning this certification is a big professional goal of mine! 

Health - Move my body at least 15 minutes every day. We joined a gym last summer and have been pretty consistent about going three times a week, but I want to increase that this year. In addition to adding an extra gym day I want to move my body even when I'm not in the gym. I've found a few 15 minute at home workout videos on Youtube that I want to try to do each day. 

Financial - Pay off our car loan. We bought a new car for my husband in June 2020 and I'd love to pay it off early this year.  

Monday, December 20, 2021

2021 Gift Guides - Last Minute Amazon Prime Gifts

We are days away from Christmas and if you haven't finished your shopping you messed up. Today's final 2021 gift guide is for the procrastinators out there. All of the below gifts are available via Amazon Prime, and at the time of hitting publish available to be delivered by Christmas Eve!  

A couple of notes 

1. Those lightsaber chop sticks would make a great stocking stuffer for a Star Wars fan! Or pair them with a gift card to a local Chinese takeout spot for a really great gift. 

2. The can cooler comes in a bunch of colors, but they aren't all available for Christmas arrival so be careful which you add to your cart. 

3. The cookie gift basket is a great choice to bring as a hostess gift if you're traveling for the holidays. 

And don't forget the wrapping paper! I love this fun set of 4 rolls or this complete set with tags and ribbons included. 

Monday, November 22, 2021

2021 Gift Guides - things we own and love

Today I'm sharing my favorite gift guide to put together each year; things we own and love! These are all items that I (or my husband) personally own and highly recommend. I always think it's nice to give something that you've personally used and know if a good quality product. 

Bombas Socks / Slim Can Sleeves 

Dinner Bowls / Fire Tablet 

Vice Golf Balls / Yeti Rambler / Whipped Honey 

A couple of notes 

1. If you do get the Yeti I highly suggest also getting the straw cap; adding the straw has significantly helped me increase my daily water intake. 

2. I do not golf, but my husband highly recommends those golf balls. He says they are almost as good as the really expensive ones, but you're not as devastated if you lose one. 

3. We picked that whipped honey when we were in Savannah earlier this year for wedding and have loved finding new ways to use it. Savannah Bee Company has gift collections or you could just order the whipped honey and make your own foodie basket with items from other makers. 

What things do you own and love that would make a great gift? Need more ideas? Check out my 2020 favorites gift guide here

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

5 Holiday Recipes that Travel Well

We're planning on doing Thanksgiving with my husband's extended family this year. As I was thinking about what to bring I had the realization that the perfect pot luck dish is one that you don't need to cook onsite. There are plenty of casseroles that I love, but I don't love the idea of being the person who shows up and hogs the oven. So today I decided to share some of the yummy dishes I found on Pinterest that are all served cold and will travel well so we can all be the low maintenance holiday get-together guest. 

Cold Spinach Dip - My mom has made this dip for years and it is always a crowd pleaser! For a healthier twist sub out the mayo or sour cream (or both) for plain greek yogurt. I like to dip baby carrots or pretzel chips. 

Cranberry Bacon Broccoli Salad - Is broccoli salad only a thing in the South? The addition of cranberries here is a fun holiday twist! 

Winter Pasta Salad with Roasted Vegetables - The addition of shrimp really elevates this above your simple picnic pasta salad. 

Winter Pomegranate Orange Quinoa Salad - I dare you to try and find a more festive looking salad! In a season full of casseroles and stuffings I love the idea of a bright healthy salad. 

Pumpkin Fluff Dip - I obviously had to finish this list with a dessert and this is the perfect one! I made this randomly last fall one weekend and have been thinking about it since. So easy to make; honestly the only easier dessert would be picking one up from the store. I like dipping sliced apples and graham crackers. 

What are your go to pot luck holiday dishes? 

Monday, November 15, 2021

2021 Gift Guides - Stocking Stuffers

The next edition of my 2021 gift guide features my favorite type of holiday gift; the stocking stuffer! My rules for stocking stuffers are pretty simple; the item must be able to fit in a stocking and must be $25 or under. Stockings are not the place for the most expensive gift! 

Socks  / Makeup Brushes  / Nail Polish / Burts Bees 

Under Eye Patches   / Weighted Eye Mask / Pearl Bow Earrings 

Magnetic Wristband / Spaghetti Measure / WallflowersHot Chocolate Mix / Mini Vacuum 

A couple of highlights 

1. I think chapstick is the ultimate stocking stuffer and burts bees makes my favorite! I think I've included some form of this in every stocking stuffer gift guide I've ever put together 

2. Those socks are UGG and less than $20. I've never tried them but UGG is known for great quality so they are probably fabulous and will feel a little more lux than anything else

3. That mini vacuum is truly mini. I think the real name is the smallest vacuum or something like that. It is adorable and I think would be perfect for someone to use at their desk. 

What are your favorite stocking stuffers? At what price do you think something goes from being a stocking stuffer to a "real" gift? 

Friday, November 12, 2021

2021 Gift Guides - My Wishlist

Today's gift guide comes highly requested; my wishlist! Now in all honesty I do not thing a single thing. I'm very lucky to have the freedom to buy myself things throughout the year as I need/want them. But it's still fun to put together a wishlist! 

Tennis Shoes - My husband has already said he's going to buy me these so I know I will find a wrapped pair under the Christmas tree this year. It is way past time for me to upgrade my old pair! I'm leaning towards some On Clouds, but am really open to whatever is best for wearing on the elliptical. 

Headband - I'm still really into headbands! I love this one in black and this one in rainbow. I also really like this set to replace the animal print one I lost on a trip. 

Pink Girly Slippers - Do I own two pairs of slippers? Yes. But my pink fluffy pair are showing serious signs of wear and need to be replaced. I'd love this pair or this pair to replace mine. 

Self Care Gift Certificate - I am a big "treat yourself" girl, but it's even better when that self care comes gifted from someone else! I'd love a pedicure from my favorite nail salon! 

Joggers - My job is staying permanently work from home which means comfy clothes is my new work wear. My husband bought me some leggings from this Amazon brand last year that I love, so I think I'd really like these joggers. 

Meat Chopper - This is probably the most random thing on my list, but I saw someone use this on TikTok months ago and have been thinking about it since. 

Ruggable Rug - The rug in our living room has seen MUCH better days. I'm very intrigued by the idea of a nonslip rug you can throw in the washing machine. 

Strawberry Balsamic - This is one that probably only my mom will understand, but I would love a full size bottle of the strawberry balsamic from the fancy olive oil place. She bought me a sample pack the last time I visited and the strawberry was by far my favorite one and the perfect salad topping. Mom, if you're reading this I'd also like a couple jars of chicken sausage gumbo. 

Peppermint Bark - If you know me you know I LOVE peppermint bark! I think Williams Sonoma makes the best, but really it's all good! 

And as always, if you're shopping for me please coordinate with all my other loved ones to make sure you don't all buy me the same thing.