Friday, November 29, 2019

2019 Gift Guides : My Wish List

Today's edition of my 2019 gift guides is all about me! I've posted a my wish list gift guide almost every year that I've been blogging and it's always fun to go back and look at what I wanted each year. Now it's fun because I can literally just send my husband the link to my list!

Those bowls are the only china items from my registry we didn't get a full set of, so I'd like to complete the set so we can start using them! I think I've included a Gray Malin print in just about every gift guide I've ever put together; I will own one one year! Burts Bees is such a great little extra gift and I love the holiday sets they put together each year. I'm dying for a fanny pack. It'd be so great for some of my work conferences and to wear on vacation; this one is water proof which would be great for when we go to Disneyland next year! I'm pretty sure that Cowboys t-shirt will be under my tree because it's killing my husband that I don't have one already to wear when we watch games.

What's on your list this year?

Thursday, November 28, 2019

19 things I'm thankful for in 2019

2019 has absolutely flown by and I think part of the reason is because it has been such a great year! Life has been so so good this year and I have so much to be thankful for in 2019. Here are 19 things I'm thankful for in 2019!

  1. My husband
  2. Purchasing our first home 
  3. Queso and chips 
  4. Disney+ 
  5. New Taylor Swift music 
  6. My sweet pup, Rebel   
  7. A job I genuinely enjoy 
  8. Schitt's Creek 
  9. Trader Joe's Scandinavian Swimmers
  10. Generous vacation time  
  11. Loving in-laws 
  12. The public library 
  13. Job promotions and pay raises 
  14. That I never have to plan another wedding 
  15. Junior League 
  16. Good health 
  17. A college degree 
  18. Calling Texas home 
  19. Money Diaries 

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

2019 Gift Guides : Made in America and Small Shops

Every time you spend your money you have a choice about what you buy and who you buy it from. When possible I always like buying "made in america" products because I feel good about doing my part for the economy and keeping jobs here. I also feel good about shopping from small shops and local shops. Today's gift guide contains products you too can feel good about shopping!

L.L.Bean - boat tote and bean boots

Jon Hart Design - back pack and shave kit

Fiesta Dinnerware - Christmas platter

Evelyn Henson - personalized dog mug

Signet Sealed - city print

May Designs - notebooks

What "made in America" and small shops are you shopping this year?

Monday, November 25, 2019

2019 Gift Guides - $25 and under

I'm so excited to share the second installment of my 2019 gift guides today! If you've followed me for awhile you'll probably remember that $25 and under gifts are my favorite! I just love how versatile this gift range can be! $25 and under gifts are great for literally anyone, no matter your budget!

The blue light blocking glasses easily could have gone in my last gift guide because I love them and use them all the time! They come in a bunch of colors and are Prime eligible. Games and puzzles are great gifts for gift exchanges because they're things you probably wouldn't buy yourself but are still fun, and there are so many great ones in this price range. And yes, that is a Capri Blue candle; the mini size are about $15.

Looking for more $25 and under gifts? Here's my gift guide from last year for more inspiration! What are your favorite $25 and under gifts?

Saturday, November 23, 2019

2019 Gift Guides : Things I Own and Love

So excited to kick off the 2019 gift guides today! Before we start, a little note on gift guides. You absolutely do not need to buy anything for anyone for the holiday. Things are fun, but nothing beats quality time, even if it's just a nice phone call to say you care. I was really torn about putting together 2019 gift guides, but decided I wanted to do it this year because these are some of my favorite posts to put together. Yes, lots of these items are linked and I can make a small amount of money off the clicks, but it's not about the clicks. I genuinely love putting shopping posts together; I feel like I'm shopping without spending the money. I hope you like these 2019 gift guides as much as I like putting them together!

All these items in today's gift guide are things I own and love! The heated blanket and socks are good practical gifts while the earrings and card wallet are more fun. These are great items to add to your own list or to gift to someone else.

What's something you own and love that you recommend for gifts?

Want more ideas for great gifts I've bought and love? Check out this old guide and this one.

Monday, November 18, 2019

How to spend a layover at ATL

Have you ever found yourself with an exceptionally long layover and wishing for something better to do than eating fast-food and sitting at your gate? Well a few months back I found myself with about 4 hours to kill at ATL. I'd made a quick fly in and out same day work trip. Traveling for work is a fun perk I've started doing more often, but this was my first in / out in the same day trip. I was visiting to tour a few hotels for possible events in the future, to give me enough time to complete my tours I had to schedule a latish flight home, but in order to avoid the worst of Atlanta traffic that meant getting me to the airport extra early. Luckily the Hartsfield Jackson International Airport was the perfect airport to have this much time. Here are my tips on how to spend a layover at ATL.

Eat at One Flew South - A good sit down restaurant in an airport, does such a thing exist? It does in terminal E at ATL! This restaurant was suggested by one of the hotel sales managers I met with and I'm so glad she told me about it. One Flew South has been written about in numerous travel magazines and food blogs and was even named one of the top 10 airport restaurants in North America this year. They describe the menu as spirited global fare, which I think if a good description for anything from sushi to an open faced meatloaf sandwich. I ordered the pulled duck sandwich which had a delish fig and peanut relish that really made it special! I usually try to avoid a layover at ATL but this sandwich alone has me rethinking that.

Walk between the terminals - You could ride the train from security to your terminal but I highly advise skipping that in favor of walking. Not only is walking a good idea when you're about to hop on a plane, but you get the added bonus of exploring some very cool exhibits. I don't know if the exhibits change periodically but when I visited there was an African art exhibit, jungle themed installation, and Georgia history exhibits. It was a kinda long walk to walk between every terminal, but you could always hop on the train if you get tired.

View the art at the gates - Not only does ATL have art exhibits between terminals but they have pieces at different gates. When I first realized I was going to have this long amount of time to burn at ATL this was my original plan of what to do. My aunt is an artist and actually has her art on display at one of the gates in the E terminal! On my way to find her piece I got to see some other really cool pieces. I couldn't find anything on the ATL website about the art so I don't know if they ever change it out or how they picked what's on display. But if you ever find yourself with a layover at ATL this is such a great way to spend your time!

Have just a short layover at ATL? Be sure to make time to grab something from The Varsity! This Atlanta institution has a few locations in the airport so hopefully you'll have one close to your gate. I grabbed a fried peach hand pie and a frosted orange. I highly recommend both!

Friday, November 15, 2019

my don't list

I'm totally stealing this idea from Lindsay today who borrowed it from this article. In a world where there is so much pressure to seem picture perfect I love the idea of embracing the don'ts. We can't do everything, and that's okay!

  • I don't always clean the dishes the same night as cooking
  • I don't eat organic or clean or fair trade 
  • I don't make my bed daily 
  • I don't use fancy face serums or creams to prevent wrinkles 
  • I don't condition my hair enough 
  • I don't exercise regularly 
  • I don't wear a size 0 
  • I don't get up when my alarm first goes off 
  • I don't start the day with a healthy breakfast, most days I don't eat any breakfast 
  • I don't deep clean my kitchen or bathroom or baseboards 

What's on your don't list?