Wednesday, May 29, 2013

GTW: Gym, Tan, Walmart?

Today my life was super glamourous (can you hear the sarcasm?) After waking up early and sitting and waiting FOREVER for the bug man to come spray our house mom realized that the appointment she thought was scheduled for 10 - 12 was actually for between 12 - 2.  So after some more sitting and waiting he finally came and sprayed to ensure our house remains bug free.
That's when the big excitement of the day began! Mom and I finally were able to go work out. Now a little back ground. A couple of summers ago we decided to join a gym. Now the gym we joined wasn't just any gym, it was the cardiac rehab gym attached to the hospital. Yes, that's right, the gym we go to is the one patients use while recovering from heart attacks. If you're ever looking for a stress free non competitive gym where people are just glad to be there (or alive in general) I highly suggest you join one of these. You never have to worry about someone running full speed on the treadmill next to you or lifting more than you weigh in free weights. Everyone is friendly and there is never a wait for equipment. I was certainly glad to be back!
After a strenuous workout (20 minutes on the elliptical is hard yall!) we made a "quick" stop by Walmart. As any person who's ever step foot in a Walmart knows there is no such thing as a quick trip, especially when you get a buggy. Getting a buggy is truly the worst thing you can do while shopping and I only advocate their use in certain situations such as you're buying a box of copy paper or a 24 pack of bottled water. When you get a buggy you are temped to buy so much more, but when you only have your hands you only buy what you can carry. (You're all welcome for this wisdom!)
After Walmart we came home and I decided to enjoy our backyard and tan for a little while. I'm happy to report I'm not burnt and slightly less pale. I'll have to start making this a habit and hopefully in time I'll develop an actual tan.
See, didn't I tell you my life was super glamourous today? Maybe tomorrow will be more glamourous with a trip to Rouse's or Sonic for happy hour.

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