Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sweet Dreams

 Last Christmas when I came home after driving 6 hours in the rain I arrived to 3 pieces of bad news:
1. Desiree informing me that she was moving into my room (Rude.)
2. We were eating hotdogs and Mac&Cheese for dinner (yuck)
3. Mom had replaced my adorable pink and green seersucker quilt with a terrible floral print comforter on my bed

Today's post will address the third piece of bad news. When I say this comforter is terrible I am not in any way exaggerating. It looks like something you would see in movie at a bed and breakfast where the people running it are strange and the people visiting are having a terrible time. Also it is extremely itchy and heavy, not at all good for sleeping in the South.

See. Truly hideous. 

When I came back home last month, after much complaining it was decided that I could pick out a new bedspread. Unfortunately this task was much more difficult that I anticipated. You really have to look if you want something other than for a child's room or a nondescript guest room. Thankfully after a long time spent hunting I finally have a new bedspread that I love!

Seriously, how cute is this?

I think it is the perfect mix of fun and mature, perfect for a 20 something. You can't really tell but I have some fabulously soft navy blue sheets (currently on sale at Walmart) to go with it. Now all I need is a decorative pillow or two. 

PS: I meant to write this post a while ago (as in make it my second post), but I never got around to uploading the pictures to my computer until now. Oops

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