Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Job Hunt

Okay let's get real for a second here.

Graduating from college is great, but it also really sucks. Don't get me wrong, finally checking off this major life goal is pretty awesome. But having no clue what the next step is scares the bejesus out of me. Knowing what you ultimately want to do in life (hello! Future White House Press Secretary right here) but having no clue how to get there is terrible. 

I love that I have my degree in journalism/public relations because I feel like it allowed me to develop many different skills (writing, editing, multitasking, working on deadline, etc...) that qualify me to work a variety of jobs. At the same time I hate this. My wide variety of skills truly is making the job hunt overwhelming. No, really don't believe me? Just go search for public relations jobs on a job hunt website like Indeed or Monster; the results are overwhelming. There's a song What do you do with a BA in English? well a better question is What can't you do with a BA in journalism? 

As a new graduate with no commitments, my possibilities are limitless and as great as that is it is becoming more of a burden than a blessing. I've changed my desired city about 10 times. I've thought I wanted to do everything from move to New York to stay home for a year and then go back to grad school. Do I apply for the internship for recent graduates or for the open entry-level position at the same company? Could I suck it up and live in a place I have zero desire to live (hello Michigan) if it meant working a really great job? Do I move to the city of my dreams and then look for a job? Can I actually afford to live anywhere other than in my bedroom at my parents' house? Why isn't there a life as a recent college grad for dummy's book?   

You hear stories like half of the class of 2012 is working jobs that don't require a college degree (makes me feel like I wasted the past 4 years) and just today my mom decides to share with me that over half of Spain's 18-30 population is unemployed (why do people think these statistics are helpful?) and you can't help but feel hopeless. But then you know someone who makes the move to a new city with no plans and finds a job within just a couple of weeks of looking and you feel unstoppable. 

I always thought I'd have a job at graduation. I never imagined I would be one of the many who is stuck in this terrible limbo period of unemployment. Everyone who looks at my resume tells me the same thing, I should have no problem finding a job. Well if that's so true why aren't the offers pouring in? Am I doing something wrong? Maybe I should just take a billboard, Billboard Dad style, to promote myself. 

Please tell me I'm not the only one experiencing this painful, painful reality. Anyone want to share any advice for the recent college grads like me? 

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