Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What's in my Bag

Lately I've been seeing a bunch of "what's in my beach bag" posts from my favorite blogs. These are some of my favorite posts. I love getting this little glimpse into someone's life. It's amazing how something we think so little about says so much about us.

Unfortunately I don't have a beach trip planned, so I can't do my own beach bag post. But I've decided to improvise and do a What's in my Purse post instead.

1. Vera Bradley key ring wallet: I've had this wallet for about 2 years and use it every day. It's perfect to just clip to my keys when I'm running a quick errand and small enough to through in my purse.  
2. lip stick: I've always been a fan of lip stick over lip gloss. Just a little bit makes me feel polished and put together
3. sunglasses: I'm notoriously bad about breaking/losing sunglasses, so while I wish I could say these are some designer shades instead these gems were $5 at Walmart
4. business cards: I had these made for the Business Communications class I took this Spring. I try to keep a couple on me at all times as I'm job hunting, you never know when you'll meet someone who wants to help
5. gas receipt: When given the choice I always get a receipt, which is really silly because I never look at it again and just let them sit in my purse until I clean it out
6. bobby pins: My standard go-to hair style is pulled back with three bobby pins (never more, never less). I never know when I might need an extra
7. fortune cookie fortune: "You will receive good news in the mail"I got this one about a month ago and I plan on keeping it until it comes true
8. Lilly Pulitzer pocket mirror: This was a freebie that I got a couple of years ago with a Lilly purchase and I've loved it since. 

So there you have it, everything (minus my iphone) that's typically in my purse. What do you keep in your purse? 

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