Thursday, June 6, 2013

Whipped into shape

As I wrote about before I've recently started working out every day (except for the weekends) with my mom. I really enjoy it! I might even go far enough to say that it's my favorite part of the day. Even though I'm sometimes sore (I really need to remember to stretch) I really feel like I've actually done something and been productive, all before noon.

Now I don't like to brag but I have a pretty great workout play list that gets me through my routine. I really think this is the key to not only getting through, but really enjoying yourself. Since I'm such a nice, giving person I'm sharing it here with y'all!

1. You give Love a Bad Name
2. Don't Cha
3. Baba O'Riley
4. Bye Bye Bye
5. Payphone
6. Stronger
7. Run the World (Girls)
8. Pretty Girl Rock
10.We found Love
11. Telephone
12. Yeah!
13. Meet Me Halfway
14. Knockout
15. The Final Countdown

I'd love to see what others listen to when working out!

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