Tuesday, July 2, 2013


This is my 25th post!!! 

Y'all this is seriously a BIG BIG BIG deal!!!  

Can you tell I'm excited? (PS Sorry for the no-makeup selfie)

To celebrate this most happy occasion I've decided to share 25 random facts about myself with you. 

  1. My favorite color is pink
  2. I loved the song Wagon Wheel before it was cool
  3. My favorite/lucky number is 3
  4. If I could have any pet it would be a polar bear. I would name him Oscar (as in de la Renta)
  5. I'm 5 foot 1 and wouldn't want to be any other height
  6. Quitting ballet when I was 10 is the biggest regret of my life
  7. I am allergic to passion flower, passion fruit, and coral 
  8. Mexican is my very favorite food. I could seriously eat it every day
  9. Brownies are my guilty pleasure. I like them best with pecans and no icing 
  10. The texture of melon freaks me out
  11. I am deathly afraid of bugs and snakes
  12. Snow White is the best Disney Princess 
  13. I dream of the day when I own designer heels
  14. I went to 4 different high schools (3 in one year) because of Hurricane Katrina 
  15. My family was featured on a CNN documentary about our town after the storm
  16. Roman Holiday is my all time favorite movie 
  17. Audrey Hepburn is my ultimate women crush
  18. I admire Scarlett O'Hara's determination 
  19. I have never been out of the country
  20. I've always secretly wanted to be an astronaut 
  21. My favorite class I took in college was a sign language course
  22. I only like hot coffee at night
  23. College football is 100 times better than the NFL 
  24. In 8th grade I won a national essay contest sponsored by Scholastic 
  25. I've always liked my middle name way more than my first


  1. Happy 25th post!! Wagon Wheel just takes me back to my freshman/sophomore year of college and the Farmhouse frat parties. Pretty sure it was played at EVERY one. Love Darius Rucker, but he didn't sing that song originally!! College football, basketball, ANYTHING is better than the NFL or NBA! There's more heart/passion/drama involved.

    1. Yes! I seriously got into an argument with someone today about how much better the OCMS version is than the Darius Rucker one.


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