Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Birthday Wishlist

I turn 22 two weeks from today!

Cue a little T Swift....

22 by Taylor Swift on Grooveshark

Obviously the number one item on my birthday wish list is a job! I would say there is a pretty darn good chance that will be what I wish for when I blow out my candles. But, seeing as how that's not exactly something that my parents can go out to buy and wrap up with a bow on top I have to ask for something else.

I think I'm going to ask for a Longchamp. 

I've wanted one for a few years, but have never be able to decide which I want. I've narrowed it down to either navy or red, but I also kinda like the grey.  I don't know if I want the large or medium size, but I know I want the longer straps. Also is it worth it to pay the extra to get it personalized with my monogram embossed?

Do you have a longchamp? What size/color is yours?

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  1. I was debating between a Coach, Longchamp, and Michael Kors before I decided on my Longchamp! There are SO many choices when it comes to those bags. I really don't think you could go wrong with any of them. I've seen them monogrammed and they are so cute. I'd say go for it if you want to!


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