Friday, July 5, 2013

Five on Friday

Linking up again this week to share my five on friday!

1. I tried fresh peaches for the first time. I discovered I haven't been missing anything. This is maybe the one fruit that tastes better from a can. But on the plus side it does photograph very well. 

2. This is the only photo I took while in Oxford (#awkward). This is my favorite drink that I've ever tried. Ever. A frozen watermelon margarita from Volta. If you're in Oxford during the month of July go by and grab one while they're half price! I also highly suggest the lemon chicken wrap with a side of sweet potato fries. 

3. I'm clearly eating carbs again. Wednesday night after getting home I had breakfast for dinner (at 10pm). These pancakes may not be pretty, but boy oh boy were they yummy! You can't tell from the picture but they were filled with Reese's Pieces (totally not on my diet either). 

4. Thursday night I went to the yacht club to watch the fireworks. They were fabulous, and we had a great view. Does anyone else think it's slightly odd that we celebrate our nation's birthday by blowing things up?


5. Levo League is a newish website designed for young professional women. Y'all I am obsessed with it! It has so much advice and inspiration that makes me feel like I can take on the world. I first discovered it through one of my favorite bloggers and I'm so thankful I finally took the time to check it out. I just joined this week and I'm already feeling more hopeful about my job hunt. I highly suggest everyone go join. 

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