Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Long live the King

In case you've been living on Mars and missed it, Kate (finally) gave birth Monday to the future king of England.

Let's just take a moment to swoon over the perfection that is this sweet new family

Seriously, they're royal and they're perfect. Some people get all the luck.

The whole world is anxiously awaiting the name of this adorable little nugget (is it wrong to call a future king a nugget?) to be decided and released. Hopefully we won't have to wait too terribly long until the official announcement is made; it took a month before the world knew the name of Prince Charles! Everyone and their cousin is guessing, so I've decided to share my guess with you. 

George Philip Arthur Francis

George: The last king of England (Elizabeth II's father) was George VI. He led England through WWII. This is such a perfect name for a future king. It also is one of the front runners according to London bookies.  

Philip: Queen Elizabeth's husband is Philip. He and William are very close, plus his health has been declining recently. I think this is a shoe in for being included somewhere in the name.  

Arthur: As in King Arthur, probably the most famous King ever. Arthur is also included in William and Charles's names. 

Francis: Francis was Diana's middle name as well as Kate's father's middle name. This is a great way to pay honor to both their families. 

What's your royal baby name guess?

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