Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Rain Rain Go Away

We have had so much rain here lately. I'm basically like a princess because every time I walk in and out my house I have to walk through a small moat. I love rain when I get to sit inside all day and just listen to it on the roof, but the moment I have to go outside it's a whole different story. I hate having to go out in the rain. There is nothing more miserable than being perfectly warm and dry only to get soaked the minute you step outside.

This happened to me yesterday when I was going to the library, and it was awful. To make matters worse I was not dressed appropriately at all! I sure wish I had had on this adorable pair of hunter rain boots. These are just like their original pair except that they're shorter, a much welcome addition for us short girls. I still would have been wet, but at least my feet would have been dry.

 When I was on the Hunter website I came across these adorable rain flats. How cute are these!? They are rubber so they won't get ruined in the rain, but are easier to wear and more professional looking than traditional boots.

What's your favorite rainy day accessory? 

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