Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Road Trippin'

As you're reading this I'm heading home from the happiest place in the world. If you guessed Disney World, you're wrong.

I'm headed back from a quick trip up to Oxford to visit my brother. The trip to Oxford is loooong, something I hated my freshmen year but came to really love by senior year. The almost 6 hour drive gave me lots of time to think.

Road trips are one of my favorite things. I love stopping and getting snacks (fountain drink, cereal, and pretzels) at the gas station before hitting the road. But I really love the opportunity to jam out to some great music. Here are some of my favorite road trip songs, all chosen for their easy singability.

1. Wagon Wheel
2. Party in the USA
3. Summer Girl
4. Sweet Caroline
5. Cowboy Casanova
6. I wanna Dance with Somebody
7. We found Love
8. Gold on the Ceiling
9. You're so Vain
10. Wannabe
11. Boogie Shoes
12. Baby
13. Heart like Mine
14. Build me up Buttercup
15. Pocketful of Sunshine

I tried to post this play list via groove shark and it wouldn't work. Anyone have any tips on how to make that work?

What are your favorite road trip songs?

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