Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekend Update

Wow, where did this weekend go!? 

I didn't do anything terribly exciting this weekend other than go grocery shopping with my mom (we saved about $70! thanks to checking the sales ads). Sunday I was supposed to go fishing with my dad, but after waking up super early (4:30am) to get to the dock by day break we had some minor boat trouble and didn't get to go. 

I did get to watch the sun rise though, so it was kinda worth it. If you know me you know how much I HATE waking up, so you fully realize how beautiful this must have been. Lucky for you, I took a few pictures to share!

But seriously, how pretty is my Yacht Club?

I am so blessed to call such a beautiful place my hometown. I don't appreciate this beautiful scenery God has provided me enough.

What did you do this weekend? Head on over to link up with Sami and share your weekend shenanigans! 

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