Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend Update

This weekend was filled with lots of rain, but that's okay because it meant perfect television watching weather.

It was Harry Potter weekend on abc Family! Nerd confession, I love Harry Potter. When I first tried to read the books (well actually listen to them on tape) I hated them and stopped after the first chapter of the first book. The last thing I wanted to do was read a story about an orphan wizard. But for some reason I gave them a second chance and was hooked. My favorite is still the second, but unfortunately it wasn't on this weekend.

Buzzfeed posted this hilarious article recently, 23 Signs you are Hermione Granger. Number 19 is my favorite.

I also started watching Scandal online. Y'all I'm obsessed! As in I watched the whole first season in one sitting. I'm currently trying to pace myself with the second season since the third season doesn't start until October. I actually can't believe I haven't watched Scandal before now because it is exactly the type of show that I love. If you don't watch you should go and start now so you'll be on track by the new season.

What'd you do this weekend? Head on over to link up with Sami to share your weekend shenanigans.

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