Friday, September 20, 2013

Five on Friday/BackThatAzzUp

1. A Brand New Look!
You may have noticed a new look on the blog this week! I've decided I really want to be more serious about blogging, and part of that means making this space into something where I'm proud to attach my name.  I've been dying for a new header, but just couldn't justify paying so much money for one no matter how beautiful it was. So I taught myself how for free! It was really actually pretty simple, I just followed a few different tutorials I found on other blogs. I also created this nifty little button that you can grab and share on your blog.
From Mississippi With Love

PS: I'm super interested if anyone wants to do a free button swap; just head over to my brand new PR & Sponsor page for the details!

2. End of summer colds.  
As I mentioned I've been nursing an epic end of summer cold this week. Maybe I'm just crazy but whenever I'm sick I swear I can feel the germs hanging out in my body. Does anyone else ever feel this way? The worst part was that it blew out my tastes buds for a few days, so I was hungry but everything I tried to eat just tasted off. Oh and I went through an entire box of Puffs in less than 72 hours. Does blowing your nose count as exercise? I sure hope so, because I was in no condition to go to the gym this week.   

3. Target.
Wednesday I heard a rumor that my local Target had more Philip Lim bags out, so I decided to make a little trip over (in the rain) to check it out for myself. They didn't have have, and I couldn't find any employees to confirm that they had ever had any more out. I did however find one who had heard the same rumor I had and was bummed when there weren't any to be had. So I didn't get my PL bag, but I did get a new hair brush (my old one was in desperate need of a replacement), a sugar cookie, and a coke Icee, Oh and these darling earrings!

And yes, that price tag is correct! For $7.99 these were a steal that my bank account didn't mind 

4. Five Guys.
In honor of National Cheeseburger Day, I was reminded again this week how much I love Five Guys little cheeseburgers. I know everyone makes a big deal about the fries, but to me those are just okay. The real winner is the little cheeseburger. Just writing about one now makes me want to go grab one again for lunch today!

This post is not sponsored by Five Guys, but boy do I wish it was! So if anyone from Five Guys is reading this, I'd gladly do a full review if you sent me some gift cards!

5. #BackThatAzzUp
Okay so the lyrics to this kinda suck, but just try telling me this beat doesn't put you in a great mood!

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