Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My defining moment

Tuesday, September 10: Describe a distinct moment when your life took a turn.

I think everyone has a defining moment in their lives. An instance so monumental that everything from that point forward in life is changed because of it.

The distinct moment when my life took a turn was August 29, 2005, when I was just 14. I am a Katrina kid. 

I could take this space to tell you all about how horrible it is to have your hometown be the victim of a natural disaster, but I'm not going to do that. Instead of sharing the sadness that came with this defining moment, and there was more sadness than you'd ever wish on your worst enemy, I want to share the good that happened in my life. 

I lost my house, my school, my church, and so much more; but I gained confidence in myself. 

Before Katrina I went to a small all girls Catholic school where I'd gone to school with the majority of my classmates since I was 4. After Katrina, I went to 3 different high schools; one huge public, one tiny private, and one smallish Catholic. I was involved in many different activities at each school. I made the Honor Roll at each school, eventually graduating with a 3.99 GPA. I found friends at each school. I was nominated for numerous leadership and academic summer programs. I was a member of a state championship winning dance team. I was one of 6 chosen for Hall of Fame my senior year. 

I'm not saying I wouldn't have achieved these same things had Katrina never happened, but because I achieved them outside of my comfort zone they meant so much more. Before I would have just thought "well I'm just smart and a leader compared to these 60 other girls in my class." I would have written off these accomplishments as not really being anything. But now I realize that I am smart, a leader, likable,    a survivor, not just compared to a small group, but compared to the world at large. Even though Katrina happened years ago, and most of the rest of the world has forgotten about it, this is the singular most important moment in my life. I'm not saying that it was necessarily a turn for the better, but I am at a point where I'm comfortable saying maybe it wasn't a turn for the quite as horrific as I once thought. 

High honors, National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, Exchange Club Youth of the month, and Hall of Fame
(I look like such a baby!)

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  1. I was so far removed from the devastation of Katrina, that I don't always stop to truly think about all the ways people's lives were impacted. Thank you for sharing your story! And good for you for being able to not only cope with the adversity, but to shine in spite of it!! :)


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