Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My Dream Husband

I was watching the Rachael Ray show last week and they did a segment on single gals looking for the right guy.

They first featured a girl who would bake a cake, cut a couple of pieces out, and then take it to a bar with girlfriends and offer it to random guys asking if they wanted a piece of their "leftover birthday cake". I thought this sounded like a fantastic idea, unfortunately the dating expert didn't think so. His advice was to instead ask a guy to do you a favor, like hold your jacket while you bring a round of drinks over to your friends. Now this is really a stupid idea, because A. who wears a jacket to a bar? and B. why didn't you just leave your jacket with your friends?

The next girl they gave a white board and 20 seconds to write down everything she wanted in a future partner. She included things like sense of family, funny, caring; you know all the typical things girls would include. They told her that her problem was that she was too easy to please, and willing to date anyone. This got me thinking about the things that my future husband absolutely must have, and I narrowed it down to three qualities

1. My Future Husband must be as smart, preferably smarter than me
I like big brains and I can not lie. He doesn't have to be a rocket scientist, but he's got to have book smarts and street smarts. I just don't do dummies. If I can't even be around dumb people long enough to become really good friends, how can I expect to spend the rest of my life with one. Plus I don't want to have dumb kids.

2. My Future Husband must be a lover of Mexican food
I seriously love Mexican food that much. I just couldn't be in a serious long term relationship with someone who complained every time we ate my favorite meal. One of my life motto's is "Know when to give up and have a Margarita or three." Given the choice of queso or love, I'd chose queso. And yes, I realize that probably is why I'm single.

3. My Future Husband must be a genuinely "good guy"
Nice and caring. Not scummy or sketchy. He must have integrity and ethics. The type of guy that would make your grandmother say he's "a nice boy."

I feel like if he has these 3 qualities and I love him I'll think he's funny and charming and handsome and every other thing you could want in a husband. But then again I'm only 22, and I've never been in love so what do I know.

What qualities are on your list for a future spouse? Or what qualities did your current spouse have that let you know they were the one?


  1. I am sooo picky!!! Maybe to picky I have lots of standards hmmmm maybe why I'm still single.........

  2. Yes to Mexican, being a good guy, and smart. Just add Christian and you've got my list!


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