Thursday, September 19, 2013

What being a sister has taught me

On a recent job interview I was asked "what's something about you I wouldn't know from reading your resume?"

I thought this was such a great question. While my resume is certainly a great representation of my skills and abilities, it doesn't even begin to tell you about me as a person.

The answer I chose to give was that I have two sisters and a brother.

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I'm going to guess this was taken around 2000

Having 3 siblings has taught me to work as a team. Working as a team to convince mom and dad to push back bed time. Working as a team to convince mom to bake us cookies. Working as a team to convince dad to get us a puppy.

Having 3 siblings has taught me that everyone is good at different things. All my siblings are smart, talented, and creative. But we still each have our own strengths and weaknesses.

Having 3 siblings has taught me to be competitive. We are all competitive with each other, in everything we do. We each want to win more, whether it be earning more As on report cards, being elected to more leadership positions, winning a board game, or even picking out the best head of lettuce from the grocery store.

Having 3 siblings has taught me to be proud and excited in the achievements of others. I was excited when my older sister and brother were named National Merit Scholars. I was excited when my younger sister won a National essay contest. While I certainly wish these accomplishments for myself, I am so proud that people on "my team" won these. I use these accomplishments to push myself to do better.

I think to think that growing up with siblings has been the ultimate practice for working in an office one day while getting along with co-workers to create a positive, supportive working environment.

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After my graduation in May
Past, Present, and (hopefully!) future Rebels

What has having siblings taught you? Did you gain any important skills by being an only child? 

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