Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Black Out or Back Out - 21st Birthday Linkup

For about a year leading up to my 21st birthday I kept telling people the theme was going to be "Black out or Back out." I wanted to get tshirts made with my face on the front and my theme on the back. In other words I had the best birthday planned. I was the last of my friends to turn 21 and I was just so so ready to legally drink/get into whatever bars I wanted.

Well as what happens to most excellent plans, mine didn't work out. I might have just had the lamest 21st birthday in the history of birthdays. Well I guess mine was actually probably better than those in Amish country, but just slightly. My 20th was actually a much more eventful birthday, but that's a story for another day.

So why was mine so lame, so lame I don't even have pictures from the night? I spent this much awaited night with my parents. Yes, you read that right, my 21st birthday had a guest list of me, mom, and dad. It's a funny thing about having a late summer birthday, nobody is ever around to help celebrate. When I was little we would always wait and have my parties in August once the school year started because so many people would take that last week of July for a last minute vacation.

So while I didn't have a super wild night complete with tons of drunk/embarrassing pictures I did have a fun night. My parents took me to one of our local casinos so I could gamble for the first time, something I'll admit I was looking forward to more than legally drinking.

So we pull up to the Hard Rock Casino at 11:57 and have to wait the 3 minutes to cross over onto the floor, those casino security guards do not play around. So once it finally turns midnight we go and sit at one of the bars so I can have my "first drink", a Long Island Iced Tea. After that we just moved around to different slot machines. I ended up leaving the casino with about $60 more than I walked in with so I guess you'd call it a success. The night ended with a 3am trip to Waffle House, even though I wasn't even close to being drunk, but it seemed like a necessity.

The next day I went and made my first alcohol purchase (a bottle of Smirnoff, and yes, it was actually my first) with my dad. And then had my "first beer" (miller High life) with lunch followed by my "first fruit garnished drink" (a mandarin cosmo) at dinner.

What was your 21st birthday like? Head over to link up your story and share!

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  1. Hey.. the good thing about spending it with your parents is that they pay for everything right ;)

  2. My 21st was not cool either! I am the oldest of my friends so I couldn't even go to bars haha, I feel your pain. But trust me, you can have crazy 21 year old nights for many years to come, and parents are awesome so cherish all your time with them :)

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