Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ever seen Helen Keller's house?

You know that joke
Have you ever seen Helen Keller's house?     Well neither has she  

Well I actually have seen her house. One summer my family drove up the Natchez trace to visit family friends in Columbia, Tennessee and then on the way home took a little detour to Tuscumbia, Alabama.

You can tour Ivy Green and see the dining room where Helen's famous outburst during dinner took place. My favorite part was getting to see the water pump where Anne Sullivan was able to have her major communication break through with Helen.

When we went they had the set still up from when they do performances of the Miracle Worker on the grounds, so of course I had to pose with the fake water pump for a picture.

I'm interested in all forms of communication, so Helen's story has always been really inspiring to me. Getting to visit her home was such a random, but really fun experience.

Have you ever randomly visited somewhere that you ended up really enjoying?


  1. My 8 year old enjoys reading about Helen Keller and the fact that she was raised in Alabama. We are Alabama fans. Roll Tide!


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