Friday, October 11, 2013

High 5 for Friday/#BackThatAzzUp

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1. Checking things off my To-Do list
Once I press publish on this post I'll offically have completed everything on this week's to-do list. Each week I make a list of things in my planner that I want to do that week, jobs to apply for, people to call, errands to run, etc. It really helps me feel like I'm doing something each week even though I don't have classes/a job. There is just something so satisfying about being able to check something off that list.

2. Mother Daughter Nights
One of the good parts of living at home is that my dad's office periodically will buy a table at different events, and sometimes I get an invite. Last night was one of those nights. My dad had something else to do so I got to be my mom's date to the March of Dime's Spotlight Fundraiser. I love these events because it's an excuse to get dressed up, eat fun party foods (last night included pulled pork sliders, sweet potatoes in honey butter, cake pops, and a chocolate fountain), and have my parents pay for my drinks.

3. High School Flashbacks
This week is homecoming at my old high school. I went to watch my sister play in the praise band at the Homecoming Mass yesterday, and for the first time I feel old. I've had siblings there each year since I graduated so I've gone back multiple times before for different awards days and events, but this is the first time I've ever really felt like an adult doing it. I guess it's something about being a college graduate and not knowing any of the students there/them looking so young. Whatever the reason it certainly felt different this time.

4. Good Luck
Okay so technically this isn't something about this week, but whatever. I potentially have an interview early next week and could use all the prayers/positive thoughts I can get. I applied on a whim, but am one of 3 finalists for the position. I plan to spend the weekend preparing and praying that God leads me to the right position, soon.

5. #BackThatAzzUp
I'll be the first to admit that I seriously wanted to hate this new Miley CD. But after just one listen I was hooked. Seriously why is someone that talented stooping to the trashy levels that we're currently seeing.  Miley, girl you are seriously talented, please start acting like it.
Not sold 100% on Miley? Just listen to this and try to tell me you don't love it.

#GETITRIGHT by Miley Cyrus on Grooveshark


  1. I went back to my high school pep rally this year to take my nephew and OMG I felt suuuuper ancient lol

  2. Haha I too am finding that I an oh so hooked on Miley's new album! What sorority were you in? I am new to your blog and am just wondering:) Stopping by from #backthatazzup!


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