Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I'm a (unemployed) Barbie Girl: A response to Graduate School Barbie

I was seriously struggling with what to write about for today and then this little gem popped up on my Facebook newsfeed.

A New Gift for your loved one: Graduate School Barbie

I'm not going to post the whole thing here, but click the link and read about Grad School Barbie, Graduate Advisor Ken, and Real Job Skipper; then come back over here.

Safe to say after reading that I'm having second thoughts about applying to Grad school; maybe relearning all that geometry for the GRE isn't the worst part like I thought. I can't help think the original author of this forgot one very important doll though...

(Still) Unemployed Midge

After graduation (Still) Unemployed Midge decided to go out and find a job using her skills in the real world. 5 months later and she is still writing cover letters and sending out resumes. Midge spends her days running errands with her mother, using the family gym membership (that her parents pay for because she has no money), and excessively refreshing Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. When Graduate School Barbie wants to feel better about her life she texts this friend who's life is going nowhere. Select (Still) Unemployed Midge dolls come with your choice of a part-time retail or waitressing job. Childhood bedroom in her parents' house and annoying family members asking what she's "doing with her life now" sold separately. Health insurance and paid vacation days not available accessories for this doll.

Not that I would know anything about being a (Still) Unemployed Midge or anything #jokes

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  1. I was unemployed for five months post graduation before taking a job I hated and volunteering for other organizations in the meantime, which led to a job opening & interview. Now I'm employed full-time & a full-time graduate student - it's possible and it WILL happen for you!

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