Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Some people are just terrible

When I first set out writing this post it was just going to be a collection of things I didn't love, but then I realized that my heart was leading me to really write about a couple of specific things I don't love; terrible people.

I love people. I'm one of those people who need people. I crave human interaction, and simply wouldn't be able to function without them. But there are just some types of people that I simply don't need or want in my life. What makes this so difficult is when someone you really enjoy having in your life turns into one of these people. I've broken these people down into 3 types:

1. The friend who likes to remind you of every failure
I have a friend who I once considered a best friend, but sadly she's fallen into this category recently. Yes I know I still don't have a job, but do you really have to constantly remind me? It almost seems like this friend goes out of the way to bring the topic up in every conversation. What's more sad is that I think this friend is doing it because she's so unhappy with her own life she feels the need to make mine seem worse. She didn't get into a post-graduate program (her life long dream) and is now stuck working a series of terrible jobs while she tries to figure out what to do with her life. On top of that her parents make her pay for everything, including rent in her own house. So I get it, reminding me that I don't have a job, while you're making money makes you feel better about yourself, but it really doesn't make me want to be your friend.

2. The friend who decides they don't need you in their life
It's a terrible feeling when you wake up one day and suddenly realize that person you considered your best friend is no longer relevant in your life. This has actually happened to me a couple of times. We'll go from hanging out all the time and talking every day, to all of a sudden I can't remember the last time we even exchanged snapchats. They've got a boyfriend, or a new group of friends, or are making life choices you don't agree with; whatever the reason you no longer fill a need in their life. Sometimes you can fix this friendship by extending a peace branch after a period of silence, but it'll never really be the same again.

3. The boy who decides he likes you, and forgets to mention he has a girlfriend
You meet a boy and he seems great. He's interesting, funny, and sweet. You talk all the time and are starting to fall for him. He's perfect, except he isn't. Because he's unavailable. You don't know this though because he denies  fails to mention he has a girlfriend. How do you find out about his girlfriend? When that terrible annoying girl in your random elective class posts an annoying "Happy 8 month anniversary Baby" Instagram picture featuring your new dream man. I seriously wish I could say this has never happened to me, but it has. Twice. Maybe that's why I'm forever single. 

And what do I say to having these terrible people in my life?

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  1. OMG I have/had one of those in my life at some time or another. They are what I like to call vampires they suck the like out of you!!!!

  2. You definitely don't need the negatively in your life. You're awesome, remember that! Thanks for linking up honey :) xoxo

  3. Merrrr I do consider myself to be a pretty positive person most of the time but nothing can bring down my mood faster than an awful, mean, terrible person! I'm so lucky that almost all of the terrible people I've had to deal with in my life have been strangers and therefore I usually only run into them once maybe twice (if I'm really unlucky) so I can't even imagine having to lose friends or (potential) boyfriends because they turn out to be real sticks in the mud!

    Hahah we "forever alone" girls will just have to keep our eyes peeled for Mr. Right still! :)


  4. I unfortunately agree with all of these. Sometimes we have to distance ourselves from these types of people for our own happiness (and sanity).


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