Thursday, October 10, 2013


I'll admit I'm kinda superstitious about things. Not about black cats or walking under ladders, but I like to read my horoscope and if I get a good fortune, I'll turn down all fortune cookies until it comes true (I haven't eaten one since June when mine said I'd get good news by mail). Another thing I really believe in is that your name helps decide your personality. I know it sounds silly, but it's been true way too many times for it to just be a coincidence. Don't believe me, well here's my name for an example. 

Hillary (no I'm not named for Hillary Clinton) is derived from the Latin word meaning cheerful. I am seriously such a cheerful person. I know I complain on here ( sometimes a lot) but that's only because I am seriously the most cheerful person in person. You know those games they make you play in middle school or in camp where you have to go around and list something nice about everyone? Well in those 98% of the time people said I was cheerful. Cheerfulness is one of my top character traits. I seriously don't stay mad or upset long. I am 100% a glass half full, the sun will come out tomorrow person. 

I'm not saying I'm cheerful because my name is Hillary, because Lord knows I've had a serious love/hate (stress on the hate) relationship with it over the years. But I think maybe in some way God knows what your personality is going to be and puts a name that fits it into your parents' heads. 

My parents were seriously considering naming my Savannah, as in the name for a large grassy plain. I don't do grass, so this name clearly was NOT for me. God knew this, and decided He had to stop it from happening. So what did He do? He planted the name Hillary into my big sister's mind who planted it into my parents' minds. Before my parents had 100% decided on a name my sister, who was 2 at the time, would tell everyone that my name was going to be either Cinderella or Hillary. She told this to so many people that my mom decided she actually really liked the name Hillary and (thankfully) abandoned the name Savannah. 

Do you believe me now? Does your name represent your personality? Do a simple search of your name and let me know. I'd love to see if my theory is right for you. 

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