Thursday, October 31, 2013

This is Halloween

I'm really not a big fan of Halloween.

I've never seen Hocus Pocus. 

I never carved a pumpkin until I was 21 (yes, that means last year)

My first carved pumpkin 

Growing up there were years where I didn't dress up. I grew up in a neighborhood where I lived with the only other children around so trick or treating meant a 20 minute drive to other neighborhoods. 

We didn't even buy candy to pass out at our house until I was in high school. 

I really should love Halloween because I love costumes, candy, and the color orange; but I just can't get into it. I almost dislike it as much as April Fool's Day, and I detest that day.

Before you go start thinking I'm a complete Grinch I have celebrated Halloween a couple of times in the past. I tried to find some pictures to show you evidence, but could only come up with one from last year, where I dressed up as the 4th of July

you can't see them but I had blue velvet pants and red cowboy boots to complete the look

So now that Halloween is here can we start talking about Thanksgiving? Now that's a holiday I do love.

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  1. I'm totally "meh" about Halloween. My idea of "dressing up" was a black and white striped tee under a pumpkin colored blazer for work and a pumpkin beer while I watched TV with my dad! Oh, and candy.

    Thanksgiving is great....... but I LOVE Christmas!! Can't wait for that :)


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