Monday, October 14, 2013

Weekend Update

Friday was one of the lamest nights of my entire life. I stayed home alone and studied for the GRE.

Don't be fooled, that's just cranberry juice

Saturday was more exciting. I ate a deliciously fattening meal at McAlister's of BBQ pulled pork nachos and a cheese spud for lunch and then spent the rest of the afternoon watching College Football.

Then Saturday night my parents took my older sister and I out to eat while my younger sister was at homecoming. We ate at this great restaurant downtown called Lookout Steak House. I wasn't super hungry so I only got the shrimp and grits appetizer, which was so delicious I forgot to snap a picture of it. But I did think to snap a photo of our table appetizer, crawfish bread (Yum)

slices of a toasted baguette covered in a creamy crawfish sauce

And I couldn't possibly mention Saturday night without mentioning Rebel football. If you didn't watch the Ole Miss Texas A&M game then I simply don't know what you were doing with your night. It was a truly game, even though the Aggies came away with the win. I was so proud to be a Rebel after that game though. Our boys really played 60 minutes and didn't do something stupid that made us win. I have no doubt if we'd been in possession of the ball last we would have won.

Sunday was a typical day spent going to church, watching tv, and getting a jump start on this week's blog posts, plus I actually posted yesterday so go check it out!

Oh, and I also tried my first pumpkin beer. I would say I was pretty indifferent to it. It didn't really taste very pumpkiny.

Please ignore my chipped nail polish 


  1. I remember those GRE flash cards... Good luck!

  2. That game was crazy! It seems like it always is these days - 2 years of craziness in a row for the A&M/Ole Miss game.


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