Thursday, November 14, 2013

Do it for the Kids

Today is my sorority's big philanthropy event, Theta Encore. And because I'm the most obsessed dedicated alum I'm making the drive up to watch.

It's a dance competition between all the sorority new member classes; with pledge classes of 100+ girls it is intense. I don't mean to brag or anything but these dances are seriously so good. I don't care how great you think your campus song fest, lip sync, or whatever you call it is, I 100% guarantee the routines at this are better. This is one of my all time favorites, but is by no means the only one, seriously just go search YouTube for "Ole Miss Theta Encore" and so many great videos will pop up.

It's seriously such a big deal on campus, and I'm not just saying that because it's my sorority. Years past we've held it on the same stage where the first 2008 Presidential Debate was held (yeah I've danced on the same stage the President stood on NBD), but we've out grown that space and they've moved to a bigger location this year. We raise over $15000 for our philanthropies CASA and The Scarlet Lawrence Akins Foundation from this one night alone.

I'm seriously so so proud of my sisters and can't wait to see this year's show!

A little Throwback Thursday for ya. Dressed up as a sailor when I performed my freshman year

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  1. I always wished we did a dance competition of Greek houses at my university, but our Greek life was so small that I doubt anyone would have been into it. I love seeing videos on youtube though of the super competitive ones!

    I tagged you with the Liebster award on my blog :)


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