Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Keep on the Sunny Side

I just want to take a minute to brag about my housemates.

I always thought after graduation I'd want to live alone. Freshman year I lived in the dorm and then spent the next 3 years living in my sorority house. I was never more than a few yards away from somebody. I thought I'd want my space, no one to question where I was, or why I wanted to eat Eggo waffles at 10pm sober on a Tuesday, or to share the hot water with. I am young and single and free, so obviously I wanted to live alone.

Well graduation came and no job offers came with it, so my dreams of living the good life in my own apartment were diminished. I quickly realized the only way I was going to be able to stretch my meager little budget across the month was by having housemates.

Enter my current housemates to save the day. They had an extra room in a house with a pool and the rent was perfect. After kissing my dream of living alone good bye for the time being I quickly took their offer and moved in. And I have to tell you, living in a house with 4 other people has been better than I could have ever expected.

The rent is dirt cheap, it's almost like I don't pay anything at all, and all my utilities are included. They always make sure the fridge is stocked and the liquor cabinet is full. Most nights one of them will cook for all of us, and nights when I cook for us someone else will pay for all the groceries. Sometimes we'll even all go out to eat and one of them will pay. I never have to nag someone to be quiet or do their share of the house cleaning.  They've been known to go fill my car up with gas without me even asking. And will buy me presents just because. They've been very supportive throughout my job search. Really they've been so great I'm happy to extend my rental period for another 6 months.

So here's to you my fabulous housemates. Thanks for making unemployment not so miserable and life always exciting.

Oh and where'd I manage to find such fabulous housemates you ask? Well they also double as my parents and two sisters. Life is all about looking on the sunny side, so I don't live with my parents, I live with the best housemates a girl could ever hope for.

Glossy Blonde


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