Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November Goals

I've been seeing so many posts lately about everyone's goals for the month, so it got me thinking about what my goals are. Sometimes I think medium range goals are some of the most difficult to come up with. I'm really good at long term goals and short term goals. Every week I make a to-do list in my Lilly agenda and dutifully check tasks off as I go. But for some reason when I try to complete a task that overlaps more than 7 days it suddenly becomes really difficult. But stretch that sucker out over 365 days - no problem!

So after much reflection I've come up with 3 goals for the month of November:

1. Read 2 books - This has more to do with practicality than anything else. The book I've been waiting on since August is finally ready for me at the library. I only get it for 2 weeks to I absolutely must finish it. Then I already have one book checked out that I've had to renew once. If I don't finish it before the end of the month I'll have renewed it so many times it'll just be embarrassing.

2. Land a job or an internship for the spring/take the GRE - Landing a real job has been my goal since, oh May 15. This month is really getting to crunch time. In order to get all my applications in for Grad School I absolutely must take the GRE this month. The only way I won't have to do that is if I'm hired full time somewhere.

3. Be more thankful for the little things - November is the month of thanks so some form of this is on everyone's list it seems like. Lately I've been finding myself jealous of the success of other's, something that just isn't right or healthy. Yesterday was really a tipping point for myself, that made me pause and take a long look on my behavior. A girl I graduated from Ole Miss with posted all over social media that she had accepted her "dream job" in a city where I'd very much like to live. We both graduated with journalism degrees with the public relations specialization, so I assumed she was looking for the same type of job I am. When I saw her posts I was completely overcome with hate and jealousy for this girl, who I really don't even know well. How could she have managed to snag a job when I've been searching and repeatedly been told by firms that they weren't hiring for entry level. Well yesterday I was creeping on her fueling my jealousy trying to figure out which firm she had been hired to when I came across her new job title. She hadn't been hired to a PR firm like I thought, but instead accepted a job in sales of a department store. I immediately felt silly and a bit ashamed because this is absolutely not a job I would want, and yet here I was sitting and hating her out of jealousy. I hope to spend this month being so thankful for all the little things in my life that I have no room for jealousy.

What are your goals for the month? Any tips on coming up with monthly goals?

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