Wednesday, November 13, 2013

penny for your thoughts

JcPenny is seriously killing it right now. About a year ago they were just a store I walked through to get into the rest of the mall (there was never anyone in their parking lot so you could get right next to the door), not one where I actually shopped. Not only are their clothes now cute, but they're affordable and a pretty good quality. If you follow my Instagram you've seen some of the great jewelry steals I've found there recently. I've put together a few great looks using JcPenny products exclusively, most of which are currently on sale!
Untitled #3

This looks plain Jane boring in the front, but the back is actually super sexy. This look is perfect for Holiday parties or a winter formal. 
It Girl

MNG by Mango sweatshirt / MNG by Mango t shirt / Blue jeans / Call it SPRING ankle booties / Duro Olowu cuff bracelet / Jade jewelry

This bracelet is only $7! And I can't even tell you how much I adore these pants. I bought a pair the other day and I only wish I'd bought more than one. They are super comfy and hold their shape really well all day. I think this outfit would be really fun for brunch/lunch/coffee date with your girl friends. It's relaxed, but add the sweatshirt and now it's got a glam vibe. 

Untitled #4

A N A beige top / Purple jeans / Totes ballerina shoes / Stone jewelry / Bridge Jewelry yellow jewelry

This top looks 1000 times better in person; seriously it's fabulous! I imagine wearing this for a more casual date night. 

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