Monday, November 18, 2013

Weekend Update

As I mentioned Thursday and Friday, I spent this weekend in Oxford, AKA the best college town in America/ God's Country/ my favorite place in the whole world. I had seriously such a great time so I'll just hit the highlights for you.

Thursday night after Encore we went out to the Square. We went to this bar called the Burgundy Room, which is a more laid back, sophisticated place. It was perfect for getting a drink and just sitting and catching up. I came prepared and brought my own koozie, something my big taught me to always do. 

Friday we at at this great place called Taylor Grocery, it's about 15 minutes outside of Oxford but well worth the drive, if you're ever in the Oxford area you need to go! They are famous for their catfish, but I also really love their chicken fingers. Oh and the best part? They have their brown bag license! Which if you aren't familiar with the concept, it means they don't sell alcohol so you are welcome to bring your own, just leave the bottle in a brown bag!

 We love Theta so much we go to formal, even as alum

Friday night was my sorority's formal. My best friend's date had to cancel last minute so I got to go with her as her date. It was so, so fun! Everyone was laughing that I came back as an alum and got to go. Oh and it was a long gown formal, so I wore the one long dress I own, the dress we all wore for pref round of recruitment. 

 I seriously lucked out and had a friend with an extra ticket to Saturday's game so I was able to watch the Rebels beat Troy in person. The game was super early (11am kickoff) so we just went for the second half. But obviously I love any chance to be in a Vaught and watch my Rebels win! 

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