Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekend Update

Is it just me or did Monday come way too soon? I had a perfect Fall weekend, unfortunately the only photos I took I already posted to Instagram, so you'll just have to read about what I did instead of being able to see it. 

I spent Friday at home watching some movies on tv. The House Bunny and Valentine's Day were on TBS, or maybe FX I can't remember now. I own so many movies, including both of these, but for some reason I like watching them when they come on tv better. Anyone else the same way, or am I just weird?

Saturday morning my dad took my sisters and I to see Catching Fire. I'm not going to give any spoilers, but I will say I liked it more than the first one. As I mentioned before I've the books so there really wasn't anything I wasn't expecting. But this story is just all around better. 

Then Saturday night I watched the Ole Miss game from the comfort of my favorite cozy chair in our family room. It's always heartbreaking to not get the win, especially when our boys just plain don't play well. In our defense though our quarterback was playing with "flu like symptoms" and had been on an IV throughout the day. And we were playing a top 10 team, that had to beat us to continue their hopes of going to the SEC championship. So really I can't be too upset with the lose. I just hope the team gets/stays healthy for the Egg Bowl this week. State has to win to be bowl eligible, so this game is going to be much tougher than people first thought. 

Sunday I went to the wedding shower of one of my high school friends. She's the first of my high school girl friends to get married, so it's really exciting but weird at the same time because I still don't feel old enough to have friends getting married. Two of my other friends hosted the shower and it was so nice to see some of the other girls I graduated with that I hadn't kept up with as well as I would have liked. 


  1. I also don't feel old enough to have friends getting engaged/married but they just keep popping up, already calling dibs on summer weekends to celebrate in months in advance. Meanwhile I'm just like, "umm... I have Netflix subscription and an uncanny ability to cook meals for one person so..."

    Also, The House Bunny is one of my all time favorite silly movies! Hahah basically it makes me want to be a cool house mom anytime I watch it.

  2. It sounds like you had a pretty awesome weekend! Time with family and friends is nourishing to the soul. I saw the movie as well and loved it! Thanks for the book suggestion you left on my blog. I appreciate it!



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