Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Why I'm actually the worst blogger of all time

1. I don't have thousands of followers
I read somewhere that you aren't considered a "real blogger" until you have 1000 followers. I'd be thrilled to have even 100, or really just 50 would be cool too.

2. I refuse to spend money on my blog
I know one of the best ways to fix #1 is by paying to sponsor other blogs, but I just can't justify doing that yet. That being said I am a BIG fan of free button swaps! Also, I would love to have a beautifully designed blog, but those don't come cheap my friends. What does come cheap? Utilizing a google search to find some tutorials and teaching your self.

3. I seldom do #ootd posts
How do you even get the right angle for those? Maybe my arms are too short to get my whole outfit in the shot? Maybe I should enlist the help of a friend to take them for me?

4. I don't eat fancy, exotic beautiful food on the reg.
I mean that is unless you count (not sponsored in any way) Lean Cuisine meals. Because I seriously rock at popping those little black trays of goodness into the microwave and heating away. I also specialize in Sonic happy hour drinks.

5. I don't have a cute pet or cute kids
Or even an ugly pet or ugly kids. Do bloggers even have ugly kids? Because I've surely never seen one.

6. I don't have an exciting job

7. I often forget to add a picture in every post
I don't really know who decided that every blog post should include a picture, but it seems to be the agreed upon thing.

8. I'm still looking for my bloggy BFF
I feel like every one is always talking about their awesome blogging friends and all the cool things they did when they met up. If you can get over these reasons why I'm the worst blogger of all time, I'd love to be friends. I'm really fun, I promise.

Glossy Blonde


  1. this totally cracked me up. I'm the worst blogger ever too. The blogging world is a lot like high school...no one wants to be your friend unless you are already popular. I sponsored a blog and now I have 47 followers. Let me tell you, I seriously feel like the queen of the world now..bahahah!!

  2. hahahah Don't worry I'm the worst blogger too :)

  3. Me too! I'm not blogging to make money or a name for myself like some people do - I'm blogging to create community and write and share my view of life. We're all "the worst blogger" :)

  4. I only have two of these things so don't you even worry about it. There aren't any other rules other than do whatever the heck you want!

  5. Stopping by from Totally posted Tuesday! I'm unemployed too! Let's rally together :)

    <3 Vicki


    Oh I sooooo feel you on this list, though. No one wants a play by play of the excel model I cranked out, or pictures of the endless amounts of take out (seriously, it's embarrassing) I eat each week, or OOTDs of my so-boring-I-could-cry corporate outfits.

    Please come to DC so we can drink some wine and watch The Mindy Project on my couch in our sweat pants, woefully ignoring our poor blogs. Hahahah! :D

  7. Great post. I found you thru Bloglovin' when I was looking for other Mississippi bloggers. Everything you've said is so true! I'm still trying to learn the ropes. For instance, I take it everyone considers "followers" to be the people who join a blog as a "member"? Is that right?? Well, I'll join yours then. But I sure as shoot can't tell what that does for anyone other than add little icons to your page. I assumed when I first started joining sites that I would at least get e-mails when they posted or SOMETHING that would come with being a member/follower. Come on, Google. ;)

    ~Aubrey Leigh


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