Tuesday, December 10, 2013

2 Thoughts for Tuesday

Are you completely surprised to see me since I just told you not 12 hours ago to not count on seeing me every day anymore? Yes I fully accept that sentence has horrible structure and is probably making anyone with an English degree cringe.

I originally hadn't planned on writing for today, but than I got the cutest little email from Karly reminding me that it was Totally Posted Tuesday and I knew I just had to post something. I seriously love this weekly linkup because Niki and Karly are seriously so nice. I might be wrong but if I had to guess I'd say most bloggers don't read all the posts in their sponsored linkups, but these girls do. And I know they do because they leave comments on my posts. Maybe it's selfish, but I love joining in this link up because I know I'll get a comment, even if my post is lame.

Okay so after that little PSA I really don't have much to share today other than these 2 thoughts. 

1. I really wish I could make a pandora station that played nothing but different versions of Do you Hear what I Hear. This is my favorite, it doesn't matter who sings it, Christmas song. The lyrics are so simple and easy to pictureI seriously could listen to different versions all day, not that I did that last night or anything. This version is one of my favorites I found. 

2. Does anyone have a suggestion for a zippered agenda? I really want one for work. I have to walk around with my phone a notepad and pen at all times so this way I wouldn't have to always make sure I've got pockets. I can't find one I like. I've been looking at this Jon Hart Designs one, but I've never seen any of their products in real life so I don't know if it's worth the cost.

Glossy Blonde


  1. Aww thanks for the kind words! We love to read everyone's posts! xo

  2. I love that version of do you hear what I hear, it's for sure one of my top all time favorite Christmas songs too!


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