Thursday, December 19, 2013

2013 in Review - the middle months

I missed last week's link up so I'm just including it in today's post, making this a 6 months recap of 2013. Except I only really have 3 things to share from those 6 months. I guess you could call my life boring.

In April I was given the chance to be one of 100 Greek students chosen from across the country to serve as a lobbyist with the Fraternity Sorority Political Action Committee. My sorority paid for me and 4 other girls to go to DC for the week to help lobby about issues that are important to Greek Life. It was such a really cool experience to spend the week getting to know sisters from other chapters in my favorite city.
Because no trip to DC is complete without a stop at Georgetown Cupcake

In May I graduated from Ole Miss! I seriously cannot even begin to tell you how much my 4 years in Oxford meant to me. They truly were the best years of my life, and I sometimes seriously worry that I'll never be as happy as I was during them. But earning my BA in Journalism was such a great moment because it meant checking off a major life "to do".
My decorated Cap that was featured on the Ole Miss Homepage!

In July I pulled a TSwift and turned 22! I had a pretty uneventful birthday spent with my family so there is no photographic evidence that it actually happened. But like, why would I make that up.

And that was pretty much my April-September, plus of course my seemingly never ending job search. How sad is it that I spent half the year looking for a job? Hello terrible economy. But at least I got to go on a couple of fun trips while on the hunt

Make sure to link up and share what you did July, August, September!

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