Monday, December 2, 2013

Weekend Update

My weekend consisted of three things:
1. Watching football. But we're not going to talk about that because rehashing it is just too painful. All I have to say is I'm still proud to be an Ole Miss Rebel and I still hate Auburn.

2. Listening to Christmas music on repeat because well duh who wouldn't want to do that. You better believe I've been blasting it every chance I get.

3. Shopping. I'll admit I'm a big fan of Black Friday. The crowds, the deals, the strategizing. There are few better feelings than the rush you get from beating someone else out to that half priced pair of boots you've been wanting for months. The past few years I was one of the crazies up and waiting in line at 4am to snag my items, but this year I just couldn't go get in a line for a store opening at 6pm on Thanksgiving. That's just unAmerican.
But have no fear, after the tragic ending of the Ole Miss game I headed over to the mall with my mom and sisters to do some shopping. Our trip was cut short however when after bringing 50 things into the dressing room my dad called to tell us he was taking my brother to the hospital with a kidney stone. Obviously there was no way we could justify shopping while he was in pain at the hospital, so we left for the night and my mom went to meet them at the hospital. But I woke up the next morning to head back out before the "door busters" ended at 1.

I got so many great deals! Seriously, too many to post pictures of it all. I didn't go crazy over any electronics, just normal department store stuff. It's the people going after the plasma tvs for $100 that give the rest of us Black Friday shoppers a bad name. Those people are the ones that always cause the injuries. My favorite find though was probably this bag that I snagged at Belk for just $14! After the mall I came home and continued shopping online where I made my first purchase from Alex and Ani. I first discovered this company thanks to blogging; a while back it seemed that every blogger was wearing one of these bracelets. I've been wanting the Leo charm bracelet ever since, and I finally ordered it with 15% off and free shipping! PS they've still got 15% and free shipping today for Cyber Monday incase you've been eyeing up one of these bracelets too.

I spent most of yesterday trying to decide on something to order to send to a few of my friends. I don't want to spend a ton because I'm buying more than one and having to send it so all these online deals have really been great. Anyone have any suggestions? I'd like to keep it below $15 if possible. I'm leaning towards these great Jute Totes Swoozies has on sale for just $10 today. The best part is personalization is free and so is shipping!

How was your weekend? Link up and share!

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