Tuesday, December 17, 2013

What I don't love about Christmas

I love Christmas time. Peppermint Bark. Stockings. Wrapped presents. Hot Chocolate with half a mug of marshmallows. Christmas carols. Watching Elf. Dreaming of a White Christmas.  It really is the most wonderful time of the year. Everyone just seems happier and kinder during this season.

But there are a few things about Christmas I don't love and I'm not ashamed to tell you.

I can not stand eggnog. Eww. Yuck. Disgusting. Seriously, just thinking about it makes me want to gag. Don't even get me started on how awful an eggnog milk shake sounds. I don't understand how people can drink it. It's so thick and sweet. And no, cajun eggnog is not any better.

I also dislike It's a Wonderful Life. Yes, I know it's a Christmas classic but it's just plain awful. And why you ask do I hate this movie so much? Because of the scene towards the end when he yells at his kids. I get so upset every time I watch that it just ruins the entire movie for me. And when there are so many other seriously wonderful, merry Christmas movies why waste your time with that one.

Until last year I wasn't big fan of A Christmas Story, but somewhere between the 3rd and 4th time I watched it I decided it wasn't half bad. This year I might even venture to bring it over to the "things I love about Christmas" column, but I'm not sure yet.

Now so that I don't feel like such a Grinch please tell me I'm not the only one who hates a couple of things about Christmas.

Glossy Blonde


  1. I hate eggnog too, it's absolutely digusting. But A Wonderful Life, really?! I love that movie! Haha

  2. I don't like eggnog and The Christmas Story I can watch once and I am done with it lol


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