Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Today's post inspiration comes straight to you from Twitter (follow me here!) and the trending topics. I had no idea what to post about today, but knowing I needed to post in order to make my goal for the month, I decided I was going to head to twitter and ask for suggestions. For some reason I decided to get on Twitter from my computer, something that never happens, and for the first time in forever I saw the trending topics. Sitting right there at the top was #30FactsAboutMe and I thought "hey, that could be a good post." I know I've already done posts like this one before, but honestly these are some of my favorites to read from other bloggers. I hope you think so too. I think knowing random things about people is really interesting. So here are 30 facts about me. 

  1. Freshman year of college I was an elementary education major
  2.  When I applied in high school I thought I wanted to study International Relations
  3.  I decided to become a Journalism major because it required only 1 math class and was in a new building
  4. That was one of the few rash decisions I've made in life, but also one of the best
  5.  Unsweet tea is just about the most disgusting thing on the face of the earth if you ask me
  6.  I once wrote an essay about how I was like an onion with many different layers
  7. In the same essay I compared life to salsa, a deliciously wonderful mixture made of gross ingredients when alone
  8.  In high school I was on the Robotics Team
  9.  I was also Science Club Secretary 
  10.  Being a nerd must have paid off because I was one of 6 inducted into our Hall of Fame
  11.  I thrive under pressure and deadlines; that's one of the reasons I was most attracted to Journalism/PR
  12.  I've never been able to do a cartwheel 
  13.  The Shit Sorority Girls Say video will never stop being funny to me
  14.  I actually say "Wait, What?" about 5 times a day
  15.  Serving as my sorority chapter president is one of my most proud accomplishments
  16.  Surprisingly I turned down the position the first time it was offered to me, only accepting it when my best friend called back offering it again 5 hours later
  17.  I've only ever had one real pet, a yellow lab named Tabasco 
  18.  I'm a visual learner 
  19.  I'm most likely to remember something from physically writing it down myself
  20.  I do not, nor have I ever had a Netflix account
  21.  I'll always pick a popsicle over an ice cream cone
  22.  If I were a Superhero my desired power would be to understand people no matter what language they spoke 
  23.  I have zero idea how to sew; I can't even put a button on a shirt
  24.  I'm naturally incredibly shy, but I've gotten really got at hiding it
  25.  I've only ever had one car, the Jeep Liberty I still drive today
  26.  I use the cat emojis way too much for a person who's never owned a cat
  27.  I've never tried red wine
  28. The first book I ever read alone was Green Eggs and Ham. It's still one of my favorites
  29. I can't wait to live alone so I can throw dinner parties for friends
  30. I really love mozzarella sticks, dipped in Ranch dressing obviously 

I'd love to hear some random facts about you!

Glossy Blonde


  1. Oh I agree, I don't know why people even make unsweet tea, it's tinted water. You'd think Oklahoma is southern enough to have sweet tea every where, not true unfortunately.


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  3. Unsweet tea is AWFUL!!!!!!! and anything in ranch is WONDERFUL!!!!


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