Monday, January 27, 2014

Blogger Looking for Advice

This blogger is looking for advice today. Just about every blogger lists the blogging community as one of the best parts of blogging. So today I'm going to put this community to the test with my plea for advice. What good are friends if not to ask them semi annoying super important questions.

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1. I'm trying to be an adult and update my LinkedIn profile, but I have no idea what a good profile is actually supposed to look like. Am I supposed to write paragraphs or make bulleted lists? Should my "summary" be in first or third person? And what even am I supposed to put in my "summary?" Any one with a good profile, or experience in recruiting from LinkedIn have any advice?

2.  I'm looking for a good SEO how-to written in plain English; the ones I've found are clearly written for someone with advanced coding knowledge. Last week Jen at Boone + Owl posted a great tutorial for image SEO that was super helpful. Now I'm looking for an all encompassing one. SEO and Google Analytics are two skills that were repeatedly listed in job postings I've seen, so I decided this little blog of mine would be a great place to learn those skills.

3. Can you believe this is the last week of January!? I'm trying to put together my February goals and I'm still looking for a couple more things to add to my list. Anyone have any suggestions? I've been really successful with my January goals, so I'm hoping to keep the motivation going into next month. Next week I'll have the final results of January and my new February goals ready.

4. What brand of shampoo do you use? Since starting work I've been going through shampoo at an alarming rate trying to wash the smoke smell out of my hair each night. My current brand just isn't making the cut anymore. I want something that'll make my hair smell nice over anything else. My hair naturally has volume and shine so those aren't priorities.

I sincerely appreciate your advice! You can either leave me a comment or if you prefer directly email me. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I use anything and everything. i have to swap up since I cant use the same kind all the time. I do use the one in the green bottle called garnia or something and pert plus. so you may have to play a trial and error deal. trust me i know what you mean about smoke. b/c my boyfriend and his family smoke and when i leave there and smell my hair i'm like wtf. and i get home and in the shower and just wet it and it makes the smell worse.

  2. Of all the products I use, shampoo/conditioner is the one where I spend the least amount of money. I use pantene and love it. I used expensive stuff for years, but I can't tell the difference, and I spend $25 less per bottle. Plus, it smells good.

  3. Pureology shampoo is good but a little expensive!


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