Thursday, January 9, 2014

Currently I'm....

I'm wearing.... my glasses. Since starting work I've worn my glasses just about every day. Working in a smokey environment just wasn't agreeing with my contacts and I'd end up with red, blood shot eyes just about everyday. I decided being a 4 eyes was a much cuter look than looking high/like I'd just spent hours crying. Surprisingly I don't hate it as much as I thought I would.

I'm eating.... King Cake! Monday was the official start to Mardi Gras season and my family has already gone through an entire King Cake. I see many more of these delicious sugary treats in my future between now and Ash Wednesday in March. #sorrynotsorry

I'm listening to....The Dixie Chicks. In their heyday I was obsessed with this trio, but then they had to go and be all political and I couldn't listen to them for years. Then they came out with a song saying they still weren't really sorry, and I hated them more, and they broke up, and then I've forgave them, and weirdly become so super obsessed with that song it became my anthem for an entire semester. Lately I've been super into them again. And I mean let's be real, Goodbye Earl is one of the most brilliant songs/videos ever. We all need a friend like MaryAnn.

I'm wishing.... that I worked from home. I know I really shouldn't be complaining about the cold because my situation is way better than most, but just walking from my front door to the car into work is almost too much for me to handle. I seriously can't even imagine what people in the rest of the country feel like. One plus of this weather is I get to wear my favorite gloves though, cotton red with navy stripes, from the little boy section of Target (because I'm an adult). 

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