Friday, January 17, 2014

Five on Friday / BackThatAzzUp

This week has left me feeling particularly uninspired and really tired, that's why I haven't posted since Tuesday. So forgive me if today's post is a little weak,

1. I'm seriously dying without Scandal. I was glad to have the return of Nashville this week, but I need my Olivia Pope fix! Seeing Kerry Washington on the Red Carpet this week just made my thirst more intense.

2. Maybe I'm weird, but I got a good laugh out of these videos of politicians reading mean tweets about themselves. Please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks they're funny. 

3. Want to hear the most disgustingly adorable thing ever? My parents met on a blind date 36 years ago this week and have been together since. Isn't that the most precious thing you've ever heard. In a world where it seems like marriages don't last, I'm blessed to have such a great example of true love.

4. It's taking a lot of my will power to not buy this necklace from BaubleBar. I've been lusting after it for the past few days, as in I've probably spent 5 hours looking at it on the screen. The navy is just beautiful.

5. I'm curious to see if anyone knows this one. I don't know how much of a following Turnpike Troubadours has, but if you've never heard of them you need to go give them a listen. 

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  1. My parents have been together since the 8th grade. I think they have been married 32 years now. Disgustingly adorable parents we have!


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