Tuesday, January 21, 2014

We want more. We want more. Wardrobe Staples

You know that AT&T commercial with the little girl who says "we want more. we want more. like if you really like it, you want more." Well I feel that way about wearing certain items of my wardrobe, my jewelry wardrobe in particular. 

sorority; theta; watch; michael kors; ring; mignon faget; bow ring

Michael Kors Watch: You probably own this watch, or your sister, or the girl in the office next to yours at work. The reason this watch is so popular is because it's so great. Tortoise is the new black. I love this watch because it's simple and not flashy so I can throw it on with everything. I thought about getting a second Michael Kors watch this Christmas, but realized that was silly because this one is already so perfect for every occasion. 

Theta Necklace: I bought this necklace from a little boutique in Oxford after a sister brought one to a Dirty Santa party. I loved it so much that after I didn't end the game with it I went out and bought my own that day. At first I loved wearing this because it was a simple way of showing my Greek affiliation even when I wasn't wearing a tshirt stamped with my letters across the front. Now I still wear it because it's become a reminder of times I've overcome obstacles and thrived. 

Mignon Faget Ring: Mignon Faget is a designer that you probably haven't heard of unless you have ties to New Orleans. I received this ring from my parents for Christmas in 2010 and I've worn it every single day since. It's girly but in an elegant, grownup way. I'll probably continue to wear it everyday until it gets replaced with an engagement ring, so basically forever. 

I can't even say I wear these pieces in a constant rotation because that would imply that I sometimes don't wear them, and that would be not true. I've had all these pieces for over two years and I still wear them daily. Does anyone else have any favorites they constantly wear?

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  1. Staples are SO important! They kind of define your style - know what I mean? Love this post!


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