Monday, January 13, 2014

Working for the Weekend

I've been working for a little over a month now and I have to say one of the strangest parts is that the weekend suddenly isn't a weekend. For those that don't know, casinos are open 24/7 which means basically nobody employed by one works a normal Monday-Friday 9-5. Working Saturday nights well into Sunday mornings are the norm. 

I work Wednesday - Sunday, meaning my weekend is actually on Monday and Tuesday. So while I'm sure pretty much everyone of you reading this is bummed that it's Monday, I'm super excited because it's my Saturday. When everyone is excited about it being Friday, it's really only my hump day. Around work you'll hear plenty of conversions of "yeah I'm really excited it's my Friday. Too bad it's just your Tuesday" when in fact the calendar says it's Wednesday. 

Totally confused now? It's okay because I kinda still am too. I would lose track of the day all the time when I wasn't in class, now I'm perpetually confused by the day of the week. 

But the whole point of this post was to say, I hope you enjoyed your weekend. Now I'm off to enjoy mine! 

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