Thursday, February 27, 2014

I Confess

I Confess ...

I've been wanting a tassel bracelet since before Christmas but haven't bought one yet because they seem too trendy

I kinda don't want it to warm up yet because I'm enjoying not having to shave my legs as much

I am beyond excited for Scandal to start back tonight

I switched to a bright pink lip stick and it has tremendously helped my mood

I think I'm allergic to smoke, which is a major problem for someone with my job

I keep forgetting that February only has 28 days

I've been thinking more and more lately about sharing this blog with people I know in real life

I've had Let it Go on repeat for days, but I never even saw Frozen

Also watch this version

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Best Taylor Swift songs that were never released as a Single

I'm so excited to be linking up with Elizabeth of Southern Finesse today! Elizabeth routinely does a series called "Songs from the Unknown" where she features great songs that for some reason were never released as singles. It's really a great way to discover new great songs that you probably don't know unless you're a serious fan. Today she has decided to let everyone join in the fun by hosting a link up!

You might remember from this post that I'm a big Taylor Swift fan. I saw her live, from like 3 feet away in high school and I'd love to see her again. So I thought what better songs to share than the top 5 Taylor Swift songs that were never released as a single but totally should have been.

1. Hey Stephen

Hey Stephen by Taylor Swift on Grooveshark

This is probably my favorite Taylor Swift song ever. I seriously hope I never fall for a Stephen who ruins it for me.
Favorite Line: All those other girls, well they're beautiful, but would they write a song for you?

2. Holy Ground

Holy Ground by Taylor Swift on Grooveshark

This song is from Taylor's latest album Red, so there's still hope that her people will come to their senses and make it her next single.
Favorite Line: Tonight I'm gonna dance for all that we've been through. But I don't want to dance unless I'm dancing with you

3. Never Grow Up

Never Grow Up by Taylor Swift on Grooveshark

I'm not going to lie, this song makes me a little teary eyed and want to go hug my mom whenever I hear it
Favorite Line: Take pictures in your mind of your childhood room. Memorize what it sounded like when your dad gets home

4. Better Than Revenge

Better Than Revenge by Taylor Swift on Grooveshark

I think this is one of the most "Taylor Swift" songs Taylor Swift has ever done. Plus it's fun to sing turned all the way up while driving down the highway.
Favorite Line: She thinks I'm psycho because I like to rhyme her name with things

5. Mary's Song

Mary's Song (Oh My My My) by Taylor Swift on Grooveshark
I was honestly really surprised this song from Taylor's debut CD was never a single. I remember it being a favorite of mine when it first came out.
Favorite Line: I'll be eighty-seven, you'll be eighty-nine. I'll still look at you like the stars that shine

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Eating in Oxford Mississippi - A review of Ajax Diner

Lately I've been "home sick" for my college town. Mostly my sorority sisters, but also my favorite restaurants, shops, and outings. It's funny, but I never would have guested I'd miss the simple act of walking through campus to class each day. Something I tried to avoid by finding a friend to drive me each and every time the weather turned even a little bad is now something I ache a little bit for daily. Today I'm sharing with you about one of my very favorite Oxford things, my favorite restaurant, Ajax Diner.

Ajax is a perfect example of the typical "meat and two" restaurants that so abundantly populate the South. Its greatness comes from the simplicity of the menu. You won't find any fancy words listed in the ingredients, unless you count Andouille, which nobody in Mississippi does. You also won't find any clever descriptions of dishes or ornately garnished plates. Don't let the simplicity fool you; this is the comfort food we all wish our mothers had been capable of producing every night of the week growing up. The roast beef po'boy is delicious, as is the fried catfish, but I have a hard time passing up the veggie plate. A heaping portion of 4 vegetables (fried eggplant, squash casserole, cheese grits, and sweet potato casserole are my favorite combination) plus a square of jalapeno cornbread fills you up for only $9. As a word to the wise, don't make the rookie mistake of volunteering to drive that night, because you won't want to miss the lemonade margarita.

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Warning: This baby is stronger and more delicious than it looks

Who eats at Ajax? Everyone. It's not uncommon for the line to wrap down the block on a Friday or Saturday night, and if you're trying to grab lunch on Graduation Saturday you better have someone holding your spot in line well before the doors open. On any given day, except Sunday when in typical small town Southern fashion it's closed, the simple black and white plastic tablecloths will see Ole Miss students stopping to grab lunch between classes, women's Bible study groups, and local high school students on their way to semi-formals. In the spring, there's a good chance you could even dine next to a Manning; unless you're like me and have the worst Manning sighting luck in the world. I can't even tell you how many times I just missed seeing Archie, Olivia, or Eli about town. 

Ajax isn't pretentious or over priced; rather, it is proof that simple can be tasty. It lets what comes out of the kitchen speak for itself. That's why Ajax is my favorite restaurant in the world. It may not hold this coveted spot forever, but I'm sure excited to discover new spots that'll put it to the test.

I'd love to hear about your favorite restaurant! When I can't sleep at night I like to look at the menus of restaurants I've never been to, even if there is only a 2% chance I'll ever eat there. 

Glossy Blonde

Monday, February 24, 2014

turn your enemies into friends

When Abraham Lincoln was running for president there was a man who took every opportunity to point out why he would not make a good president. This man diligently spread the reasons why Lincoln was not a choice for leader of the nation. When Lincoln won election he made this man part of his cabinet because Lincoln believed this man was the best for that position. This confused many and caused some to question this decision. "Wouldn't you rather destroy your enemies than help them?" they asked the newly elected leader. To this Lincoln responded, "But haven't I destroyed my enemies by turning them into my friends."

This was part of the reflection given at church yesterday and I thought it was too perfect to not share.  

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this is actually an adorable vinyl wall decal from Etsy!

Wishing you a week filled with kindness and turning old enemies into new friends. 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Throw Back Thursday - Tiny Dancer

Ballerina, you must have seen her; dancing in the sand

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Yes, I know I look like a baby doll 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Traveling to DC

Like 87% of America I've been watching Season 2 of House of Cards the past few days. No, I'm not done yet because I'm trying to savor every crazy, intense Frank Underwood moment and draw it out. I really don't think I can wait a year for the next season to come out. I think one of the reasons I most love this show is because it takes place in and around the DC political scene. As someone who almost majored in political science it's no secret I love all things to do with the inner workings of our American government on Capitol Hill. Every time the opening credits roll my heart literally aches to return to the city. I was last there in April, but I seriously need to return soon. 

The best place I've ever traveled is Washington DC. Any traveler will be hard-pressed to find another city that offers the same vast opportunities for such little price. In one day you can see Dorothy's Ruby Red Slippers, the Declaration of Independence, and Edgar Degas' original Little Dancer Aged Fourteen (my very favorite piece of art). The next day you can tour the White House, pay your respects at The Tomb of the Unknowns, and visit the giant pandas. Both days will only set you back the price of a taxi or Metro fare. And I highly suggest taking the metro because it really is easy to use, clean, safe, cheap, and sometimes even faster than a cab anyway. 

Don't mind spending a bit more cash on your trip? Take in a Washington National's baseball game, a monuments tour by night, or the Newseum, which features a Wolf Gang Puck restaurant and one of the best opportunities to take a photo with the Capitol building in the background. When the weather is nice one of my favorite activities is picking up a Georgetown Cupcake (or two, because nobody should have to choose between strawberry and chocolate coconut) and finding a nice bench on the National Mall for a lazy afternoon of people watching.

Also be sure to visit the Crepe Man at Eastern Market, order the crab cake sandwich at Old Ebbitt Grill, and request the engagement booth at Martin's Tavern, unless it's a first date because then eating stuffed chicken in the same seats where JFK proposed to Jackie could be awkward.

If you're an outdoors enthusiast you can find nice jogging trails along the Potomac or rent a kayak for an afternoon. These are two activities I've never partaken in though, because I more enjoy outdoors activities like bottomless mimosa brunches on a patio, luckily the District is great for this too.

Our Nation's capitol has so much to offer visitors of every age. Each time I've visited I've been delighted by a whole new set of experiences. Six weeks spent living in DC as an intern still wasn't long enough for me to check everything off my to-do list. 

Now who wants to start planning a trip with me?

Glossy Blonde

Friday, February 14, 2014

This year I have the best Valentine

I have the best Valentine this year. Really I'm a very lucky girl to have snagged such a perfect one.

My Valentine always agrees with me and never tries to start a fight. My Valentine never tries to talk me out of treating myself to a new pair of shoes or a Sonic Route 44 diet vanilla Coke. My Valentine is smart and caring and gives great pep talks when I'm feeling down. My Valentine has a really bright future that I'm excited to watch unfold. My Valentine never tries to steal the covers or make me listen to terrible songs in the car. I can watch whatever movie I please, even if it's Elf 3 times in a row in the middle of June without fear of my Valentine judging me. The best part about my Valentine is that I know we're in this for forever. 22 years together and still going strong. Happy Valentine's Day to my soulmate! You rock, never change!

I am my own Valentine, and I'm completely okay with that. There is nobody else I'd rather spend the night with, except maybe Prince Harry.

I'll actually be spending the evening at work, so I'm sure to meet plenty of drunk old lonely men who try to be my Valentine.

Linking up with Whitney today to share my love song to myself.
You make lovin' fun by Fleetwood Mac on Grooveshark

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

When your baby sister turns 16

Today is my younger sister's 16th birthday ,and I honestly can't believe I've gotten to enjoy this little goober for 16 years.

It's so strange because I can remember before she was born yet I can't imagine my life without her now.  I still distinctly remember the day she was born. I was so excited to be checked out of school, even in the middle of my favorite video about astronauts, to go meet her at the hospital. Even though I slightly hated her for about 2 days while my mom was still in the hospital after her birth, I've been thankful for her since. I've said before that I'm thankful to be a sister because it's taught be so many great life skills. Having a younger sister has truly pushed me to be a better person; it helps me stay accountable to living a life that I'd want her to model.

Happy Birthday to the weirdest, kindest, smartest, funniest, best, only "still a kid" in our family.

The Hump Day Blog Hop

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Making Big Dreams Happen

One of my sorority sisters sent me this quote the other day and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since. I think it fits so perfectly with my word of the year: Breathe

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I don't talk much about my faith here because I honestly believe that your faith is private. Shoving God down someone's throat is not going to bring them to Him. God is a huge part of my life and I'd love to share that with anyone wanting to listen; but I mainly try to share my faith by living it daily, not preaching it. He knows what is in my heart without my having to write it out for everyone to see. But today I'm making an exception because writing this post will be helpful to me. 

Lately I've been stressing over a few dreams and how I'm going to make them happen. A task made even more difficult because they are somewhat contradicting. Only one can happen at a time. And if one happens than another may never happen. Has anyone else ever had this problem? 

Sometimes I have so many ideas and dreams that it can be overwhelming trying to sort through it all. What do I actually want to achieve that is realistic and how am I going to get there? Like most people I struggle with self doubt and often talk myself out of big dreams and into settling for something smaller. I'm guilty of not giving it my all for fear of failure. Something about knowing you didn't give your best makes not achieving something easier to swallow. That's where I am in life right now. I talked myself out of a big dream and into a smaller, easier to achieve reality. To be honest with you I'm not happy with that anymore and I'm ready for a change. I'm ready to make a big dream happen.  

The past few Sundays I've found myself praying the same prayer when I kneel down in church. "God, tell me what to do and give me the knowledge and determination to see it through." It is such a comfort to know that He has already given me the ability to make my dreams happen. I just have to decide what dream I actually most want to pursue and make it happen.    

Glossy Blonde

Monday, February 10, 2014

Alternative Olympic Sports

With the Olympics starting last week I can't help but be filled with a mixture of American pride and regret that I never stuck to any sport long enough to become an Olympian. Thanks mom and dad for never putting me in ice dancing or speed skating classes. You really missed your chance to be featured in one of those adorable P&G ads. And no the fact that we live where there are palm trees is no excuse because BOTH sets of Virgin Islands have athletes in these games. But that's not the point of this post.

The point is that the more I thought about it I realized maybe it wasn't my parents' fault, but rather that of the Olympic committee for not including a sport in which I excel. I have plenty of talents I'm perfectly talented in. Just because I can't skate quickly in a circle or after a puck, or skate at all in general I don't get to be a member of team USA? How narrow minded.

And don't even try to tell me these alternative Olympic sports aren't sports, because they're every bit as sporty as Curling. They essentially give out a gold medal in sweeping every 4 years, I think they could add one of these alternatives.

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Not charging my phone until it gets to 12% or less - Athletes are given a dying iphone and charged with the task of locating their charger while simultaneously completing a variety of tasks (Example: tweeting, texting, Instagram liking). Extra points will be given for the level of creativity of preserving your battery life (closing apps will be worth significantly less than say turning down the brightness)

Taking my contacts out and then forgetting where I put my glasses - Vision impaired athletes are put in spaces to resemble apartments and must locate their glasses. Hint, they 'll never be found in your glasses case because that'd be too obvious.

Reaching for the conditioner before the shampoo - Everyone knows you need to shampoo and then condition, but these athletes put that conventional knowledge to the test. Actually, scratch my entry in this event. Ideally this would only be a sport for super attractive male athletes; this alternative Olympic sport would single handedly out rank all the other sports combined in viewers. You're welcome Olympic Committee for increasing your viewers.

Writing an email and leaving it unsent in my drafts folder - Athletes are given a full inbox and tasked with responding to each email. Points are given for each email they carefully craft a reply for and then forget to hit send.

Digital Stalking - In this event athletes are given the task of finding out every single piece of information on the web about a potential date, new coworker, ex boyfriend random person. If they can't turn up the birth certificate or grandparent's obituary they have little hope of earning a medal. True competitors will know winning gold in this event will take more than just using Facebook or a single Google search.

If the Olympic Committee could just add any of these better alternative Olympic sports to the list of events I'd be sure to bring home the gold for the USA. Who wants to help me fill out a petition?

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Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Five - I actually get a Friday night!

1. Hip Hip Horray! I actually get a real Friday night off work this week. They gave us all weird schedules so we could try out working different shifts and some way I managed to snag Friday day shift and Saturday night shift. So when I walk out of work at 6 tonight I don't have to be back until 4pm Saturday. My only regret? That I didn't realize this until too late to plan something fun, so maybe I'll just use the time to work on one of my February goals.

2. Have you taken this BuzzFeed quiz yet? I've seen it floating around for a while but just finally took it the other night. I got the hair flip emoji, which means I'm not afraid of failure and know I'm going places in life. I'd say that's about half true. My actual favorite one is the weary face  (first group, 2nd page, second one on the 2nd row) or any and all the cat faces ones.

3. I'm sure you've all seen this clip of Lauren Conrad on Sway in the Morning. If you haven't, you really only need to watch the last minute. I never really got into her like so many other girls my age, but after watching this I want to give her my own high five.

4. Have you seen all the news about how horribly prepared they are in Sochi for the Olympics? It's kinda funny, until you realize that people are actually going to be living in those conditions for the next couple of weeks.

5. An oldie but a goodie. Linked up with Whitney again today.

  Some Kind of Wonderful by Grand Funk Railroad on Grooveshark

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

How to Name a Blog

This post is part of the Blog Everyday in February challenge with Anchored in Love Divine

One of the first steps in deciding to write a blog is deciding what you're going to name it. This name is so important because not only will it set the tone for your ramblings writings, but it will be the first impression people get. Be honest, aren't you more willing to click over and read a blog with a name that grabs your attention?

I didn't really have a nickname or a favorite hobby that I could use for inspiration, and all I knew was that I wanted to write about being a southern sorority girl. I wish I could remember all the possible names I thought up when first creating this little space because some were truly horrific   -> Kites to Kindergarten (representing my sorority and the fact that I wanted to be a kindergarten teacher) is just one example I can remember. 

I still remember the exact moment I decided on my blog name. For some reason, that only God knows, I was talking about James Bond movies with a guy that lived in my dorm. He said his favorite one was From Russia with Love. That was it, I knew it immediately. From Mississippi With Love was the perfect name; it showed my southern roots but wasn't too broad. And as I've mentioned before I'm proud to be from the Magnolia State. 

Right after that conversation I went to my computer and checked to make sure there wasn't already a From Mississippi With Love floating around somewhere in the blog world. And immediately started creating my blog complete with a orange, cream, and magenta theme, which now looking back on was just as terrible as it sounds.

Luckily this site has gone through a ton of few changes since I first started blogging way back in 2010. When I decided to start back blogging this past June I contemplated creating a whole new blog with a whole new name, but ultimately decided to just delete all my previous posts instead. I knew this time I wanted to make blogging a permeant fixture in my life and wanted a name that would still make sense after 5 years. Staying in Mississippi forever is not part of my life plan, but keeping Mississippi in me forever is part of my plan. I just love this state too much to think that there will ever be a time when I don't hold it dear in my heart, no matter where I physically call home. I am Mississippi, and we like this blog are not perfect, but rather a work in progress aspiring to be something great.

Glossy Blonde

Monday, February 3, 2014

New Month, New Goals

Holy Moly can you believe it's already February? January just flew by in the blink of an eye. I'm happy to report that I successfully completed 100% of my goals for the month of January !! The hardest by far was the limiting of only 5 alcoholic beverages. I'm really proud of myself for my diligence in reaching all 5 goals; it felt so good being able to put the whole $50 in my "me jar" this month. I'm hoping to keep the dedication going into this month with my new 5 goals.

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1. Try Red Wine - As I mentioned last week, I've never tried red wine. I'm more of a white zinfandel girl and neither of my parents are wine people so I've never even grabbed a sip from one of them. This goal is all about expanding my tastes and trying something new.
2. Keep my room clean - I've gotten into the terrible habit of having a messy room, and honestly I'm ready to change it. They say it takes 27 days to make a habit, so I'm hoping to use this month to break a bad one and start a good one.
3. Write a letter - I loved the personal reconnection I felt from making a simple phone call last month, so this month I'm taking it a step further and I'm going to write a letter. Everyone loves to receive some snail mail, plus in cleaning my room I discovered a ton of adorable correspondence cards I'm dying to use.
4. Watch 2 movies - This is probably the strangest on my list, but hear me out. I use to LOVE watching movies, seriously, I would watch about 10 a week. Now I honestly can't remember the last time I sat down and watched one. This month I want to really watch 2 movies, as in sit down with no distractions and just enjoy them. If nothing else it'll serve as a good break from my texting/tweeting/instagraming
5. 30 day Squat Challenge -  I've attempted to do this twice before and never followed through. Hopefully 3rd time's the charm!

What are your February Goals? Link up with Jenn and share!