Monday, February 3, 2014

New Month, New Goals

Holy Moly can you believe it's already February? January just flew by in the blink of an eye. I'm happy to report that I successfully completed 100% of my goals for the month of January !! The hardest by far was the limiting of only 5 alcoholic beverages. I'm really proud of myself for my diligence in reaching all 5 goals; it felt so good being able to put the whole $50 in my "me jar" this month. I'm hoping to keep the dedication going into this month with my new 5 goals.

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1. Try Red Wine - As I mentioned last week, I've never tried red wine. I'm more of a white zinfandel girl and neither of my parents are wine people so I've never even grabbed a sip from one of them. This goal is all about expanding my tastes and trying something new.
2. Keep my room clean - I've gotten into the terrible habit of having a messy room, and honestly I'm ready to change it. They say it takes 27 days to make a habit, so I'm hoping to use this month to break a bad one and start a good one.
3. Write a letter - I loved the personal reconnection I felt from making a simple phone call last month, so this month I'm taking it a step further and I'm going to write a letter. Everyone loves to receive some snail mail, plus in cleaning my room I discovered a ton of adorable correspondence cards I'm dying to use.
4. Watch 2 movies - This is probably the strangest on my list, but hear me out. I use to LOVE watching movies, seriously, I would watch about 10 a week. Now I honestly can't remember the last time I sat down and watched one. This month I want to really watch 2 movies, as in sit down with no distractions and just enjoy them. If nothing else it'll serve as a good break from my texting/tweeting/instagraming
5. 30 day Squat Challenge -  I've attempted to do this twice before and never followed through. Hopefully 3rd time's the charm!

What are your February Goals? Link up with Jenn and share!


  1. I'm so proud of your for your success last month! You did AWESOME! I'm excited :) I love your goals this month, too! It's funny- I wanted to make an image just like this for my goals, too! I think I'll do it for next wk ;) These are all really, really great goals. It's funny that #1 is about red wine because I was just deciding to try red wine- I usually stick to whites- this weekend. I started with a sweet red to ease into it and I think that was a good place to start :) I'm trying to stick with the squat challenge this month, too! I started with TOO many squats last month and scared myself off ;) GOOD LUCK lady! You can do it!

  2. Congrats on completing all your January goals!! I've never liked red wine, but my husband recently tried some and is obsessed now. He loves a cabernet sauvignon and malbec (not so much a merlot or pinot noir). And I desperately need to keep our bedroom clean. It's crazy how it can get out of hand so fast! Good luck with your goals! :)

  3. For the wine, try Bella Rosso Sweet Red by Bella Bolle. I had it for the first time a couple of weeks ago and I love it.

  4. It's hard finding a red wine I like, I'm a white wine girl, also, and most red wines are too dry. Yuck. I hope you find one you like though!

  5. I used to be a white wine girl and switched over to red. I LOVE pinot noir. It has a pretty mild flavor. I also like brachetto di acqui, which is more of a sparkling dessert red wine. Steer clear of the merlot!


  6. Good Luck with the red wine and I am not a fan of that at all!!


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