Monday, February 24, 2014

turn your enemies into friends

When Abraham Lincoln was running for president there was a man who took every opportunity to point out why he would not make a good president. This man diligently spread the reasons why Lincoln was not a choice for leader of the nation. When Lincoln won election he made this man part of his cabinet because Lincoln believed this man was the best for that position. This confused many and caused some to question this decision. "Wouldn't you rather destroy your enemies than help them?" they asked the newly elected leader. To this Lincoln responded, "But haven't I destroyed my enemies by turning them into my friends."

This was part of the reflection given at church yesterday and I thought it was too perfect to not share.  

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Wishing you a week filled with kindness and turning old enemies into new friends. 


  1. I love random history facts and I love this!


  2. I love this. Really gave me a new perspective for the day!

  3. This is great and so very truthful!!


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