Tuesday, March 25, 2014

7 places I would not like to live

I had so much fun writing my post about places I would like to live that I decided to make a list of places I wouldn't like to live. Again, I haven't been to most of these so they could be very lovely places to call home. I'm just very influenced by my own perceptions of what I think these places are like. Please don't hate me if your hometown is on this list!

Atlanta - I know tons of people who call Atlanta home and love it, but I've just never been a big fan. I am however a big fan of the world of coke museum and the Braves. Atlanta is just too urban without really being a big city in my mind. Plus I really don't like those dirty bird Falcons.

California - one word: Earthquakes. In my mind earthquakes are the single worst natural disaster; you get zero warning. With hurricanes, wild fires, and tornadoes you at least get a little warning, even if it's just knowing that conditions are favorable, but you don't get that with an earthquake. I could never live in California because I would live in constant fear that a giant building would crumble on me.

Chicago - I don't know why but to me Chicago just seems like it'd always be freezing, maybe it's the nickname "windy city." If there's one thing I learned from this winter it's that I can not live somewhere that frequently experiences temps in the single digits. So really I hate to say it but I think the entire mid west has to be crossed off my list.

Denver - I was born in New Orleans, a city that sits mostly below sea level, I would die in the Mile High City. When my family lived in Birmingham briefly we experienced altitude sickness just from those tiny mountains. Life in the Rockies is not for me.

Hawaii - While living on a tropical warm paradise island certainly would be nice the thought of how much it'd cost to go just about anywhere else is just too much. Want to come home for Christmas? Well that'd cost me just under $1000 (on the cheap days!) and close to 18 hours of travel time (seriously I just looked it up). Plus my mom gets super motion sick on flights so she'd never be able to come visit.

Seattle - I don't think I'm hipster enough to live in Seattle. I imagine everyone wears plaid, works for Microsoft, and walks around drinking black coffee. Plus I need my hair to not be in a constant state of frizz #curlyhairproblems

Runner Up: New York City - I know most 20somethings would give their right leg to move to New York, but I've just never seen the appeal. I would however move there for the right job; a secret dream job of mine has always been to work as a publicist for a children's division of a book publishing company.

Even though I wouldn't like to live in any of these destinations, I would really love to go visit each of them! So if you live in any of these and want a house guest let me know! Oh and I'd love to hear from anyone who calls any of these home about why you love living there.


  1. Hahaha! I love this list. Mainly because I live close to Denver in Colorado Springs, have seriously considered moving to either Seattle or Atlanta and would LOVE to live in Hawaii if I could afford it - fresh fruit & fish? Yes, please! I have no interest in living in CA, though there are places I'd love to visit. I have ZERO interest in Chicago and enjoy visiting NYC, but could never live there even though my best friend does!


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