Thursday, March 13, 2014

7 places I'd like to live

How many people live in the same place their whole life? I know I sure haven't. I've lived in 3 states- Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama - and even in Mississippi where I've spent most my life I've lived in 4 different towns. I love Mississippi and a part of me thinks I'll always consider it home, but I sure don't plan on living here for the rest of my life.

I'm craving a new adventure in life and I don't know a better adventure than moving to a new city. One of the last assignments I did in college was a massive group project in my business communications class where we had to pick two different cities and research them as if we were planning to move there. This project, while a major pain in my last semester of college, actually was super helpful in making me think about where I'd actually want to live after the Magnolia State.

So here are 7 places other than Mississippi that I'd like to live. I should mention that I haven't actually even been to most of these, my picks are based on google and my gut - two sources I 100% trust.

Austin - This city keeps popping up on lists of top places to live and it's easy to see why. Austin is one of the safest big cities, it's got tons of live music, and a relatively low cost of living. It's home to a lot of Fortune 500 companies, the University of Texas, and the state Capitol.

Charleston - I've just always imagined Charleston to be a picture perfect southern city full of polite beautiful people. Plus it's full of history and culture and on the coast so I'd still be able to get fresh seafood all the time. Even if I never move to Charleston I know I'll have to visit one day because it just looks so beautiful.

Dallas - The only part of Dallas I've ever visited is the airport but I know I'd just love living in this city. This is actually one of the cities I researched for my project so I feel like it's one of the most informed picks on this list. When I think of Dallas I think of big hair, margaritas, and some of my favorite bloggers/instagram accounts. I know I'd fit right in in the Big D!

Nashville - I've visited Nashville twice, both times for job interviews and I loved the city. It's a super easy drive to Oxford for weekend visits or back home for longer trips. Plus one of my best friends lives in Nashville so I would actually have someone to hang out with there. It's a big city but still very Southern plus who wouldn't want the chance to spot country music stars on a daily basis.

Raleigh - Raleigh is the capitol of North Carolina which automatically makes a great place in my book. Add to that it's place in the Research Triangle, so most people are educated a major plus for this single girl looking for a potential husband one day down the road, and it's spot near the top of the list of best places for business and this city is a major winner. Plus I just really like the idea of telling people I live in Raleigh, it's such a cute name for a town.

San Antonio - Can you tell I really think I'd love living in Texas? People often forget about San Antonio when they're talking about Texas, but this is actually a huge city that I feel like has a ton of pride. It's tourist attractions like the Alamo and River Walk combined with it's location in Texas Hill County make this a place I could see myself living. Plus it's named after St. Anthony and I just so happen to wear a St. Anthony medal bracelet daily. It's fate.

Washington DC - I've already documented my love for the district so of course it would need to be on this list. I would have moved there in a heart beat after graduation if it hadn't been so expensive. I don't think I'd want to live here forever, because I'd want to live in the city not a suburb and I don't envision raising a family in a 1 bedroom apartment, but it'd be such a great city to call home as a young professional.

So if you know of any PR/Communications firms hiring entry level positions in any of these cities let me know! If you're hiring in one of these cities you can go straight to my LinkedIn page to see why I'd be the best hire of your year. Thanks to living at home with minimal expenses I'm prepared to pay to relocate; I just need a job in a new city first because apartments have this funny thing against renting to unemployed 22 year olds.

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  1. I was born and raised in Louisiana until I was in my 30s--so I feel your pain!! Since 2007, I live about 20 minutes or so outside of DC, in Northern VA. It's a great place to live and raise a family! So much culture! So much to do! Weather is so awesome--we get seasons!!! And SNOW--but not too much! There are some sketchy places in DC--some I wouldn't want to be in after dark, so I don't know that I'd ever want to live there--but the suburbs are great!!

  2. Woohoo! San Antonio! :) It's definitely a big party city, especially around Fiesta time. The city also has a lot of history. It's my hometown. :)

    Austin is just amazing! I absolutely love it. I want to move there.

  3. I've lived in Oklahoma for 11 years.. blah. But my whole family lives in Mississippi (Clinton and some in the Flowood area). I love it there! My Grandma lives on the reservoir and it's AMAZING during the summer!

    Lots of love for Mississippi

  4. Raleigh is the BEST! I go to school at UNC-Chapel Hill, but my boyfriend lives in Raleigh (20 minutes down the road) and it is an amazing place to be a twenty-something.

  5. You know what town you are missing - Savannah!!! BUT if I had to pick from your list I would choose Austin. The people there are so laid back and nice - not to mention what a fun town it is!


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