Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Five

Are y'all so excited to see me here on a Friday? I think it's been a month since I wrote a Friday post, so I figured it was about time I got my act together and published something on the 6th day of the week.

1. First I just want to take the time to remind everyone that a plane disappeared last week and we still have zero idea where it is! A whole freaking plane with 239 people aboard just vanished without a trace. Why are more people not freaked out by this!? I'm not one for conspiracy theories but at this point the idea that it was abducted by aliens doesn't seem that much crazier than any other lead. I know one thing for sure, I sure am thankful I don't have a flight planned in the near future because I don't know if I'd want to get on it right now.

2. I've had a major shopping bug lately and I finally fed it this week. I do this super irresponsible thing where I slightly lose my mind and let myself buy whatever I want for a few days without feeling any guilt. I keep up with all the receipts and then usually end up returning half of what I bought, which is a win win because my bank account is happy again and I've fulfilled my need to shop. Two items I know I won't be returning: the best tshirt I've ever owned - seriously it is that fabulous I wish I'd bought it in every color. And these shoes! Originally $69 I got them for $11 from Belk. I also got a great pair for $24 that were originally $140, but those are sold out on Belk online.

3. If you have 2 minutes watch this video from the New York Times. It's part of a series called "What's in It" that takes foods and tells a little story about what's actually in it. This one is about the Cookie Dough Oreo (no Oreo will ever be as good as the Halloween Oreo!) but the Pumpkin Spice one is also an interesting watch. I found it via Carly of The College Prepster who always has great links.

4. I did my taxes this week and I officially feel like a real adult. My mom made me do them myself this year unlike in times past where I've started, gotten bored and started painting my nails instead leaving her to finish. It only took me an hour and a half, 5 dramatic snap chats, one Instagram post, and 8 times checking with my mom to make sure I was doing it right before I finished. If anyone knows of an attractive, single tax accountant who wants to do mine next year let me know! But the good news is I should be getting about $100 back this year so basically I'm rich!

5.  Have you heard about the new campaign to Ban Bossy? It comes a year after Sheryl Sandberg started telling us all to Lean In and has Beyonce has a spokesperson. You can read this article to get the gist of the movement and learn why we should all stop people when they try to tell you you're being bossy. Obviously there is no better choice for a song to end the week

Girls (Who Run The World) by Beyonce on Grooveshark

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  1. omg.. I didn't know about this plane business but now I'm freaking out a little. How does that happen?!



  2. I'm from Mississippi too! I'm really new at blogging so I'm glad I found your page via the linkup!
    And I am pretty sure the plane flew over the "Malaysia Triangle".. it's similar to the Bermuda Triangle except.. in Malaysia.
    Heather | Miss Hot Mess Express

  3. Yes yes yes to your #1 - I am so freaked out and I literally cannot believe we still have NO earthly idea what happened?! What in the world?! I'm very impressed you did your taxes yourself - high five for that!


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