Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Five

Two Friday Five posts in 2 weeks!? Hot dog I'm on a roll!

1. A giant plane is still missing! Like guys how in the world does this happen!? Almost 2 weeks and still no clear idea of where it went. I just can't believe that nobody has a satellite in that area that picked it up. We're not talking about some tiny little private plane, this was a massive jet. The latest news (as I write this on Thursday night) is that they might possibly have found some debris from flight MH370 in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Australia, but this area is known for collecting garbage so they really aren't even convinced it's related. Oh and this area is so remote that search planes can only hold enough fuel to search for about 2 hours before having to head back towards land.

2. WINTER IS OVER! Yes that sentence needed to be in all caps and if you disagree you probably live in Hawaii where it's always summer time. I'm so excited to wear pastels and floral prints and hopefully soon open toed shoes and sundresses. Thank goodness for the start of spring!

3. This list is literally the most perfect list I've ever seen. I can not even tell you how much I love it and how accurate it is. I've been seeing a lot of things like this pop up on the web lately and it just gives me such a good laugh because I so often fall into this little 20something female stereotype.

4. Want a good laugh? Go read this article. If you really need a good laugh read all the ones in the series. It's a comedy piece about an "entry-level try hard." I laugh every time I read one of these stories.

5. Obviously my number 5 is linking up with Whitney for BackthatAzzUP Recently I've been in a major Adele mood. Seriously how is her voice so perfect? I'm going to need her next album to come out ASAP

That's It, I Quit, I'm Movin' On (Live) by Adele on Grooveshark

Hope everyone enjoys this first weekend of spring!

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  1. That missing plane thing blows my mind -- I just wonder what in the world happened. Hating it so badly for those families!
    But on a more pleasant note -- enjoy this spring weekend!

  2. I can they not find a HUGE plane?!? It's crazy. Nice post.

  3. I still don't understand the plane thing either, it is awful! And I am cracking up over the Gen Y dictionary. Love love love that!


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